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Roll Hard Car Show


ClioSport Club Member
A few photos from this weekends Roll Hard show at Cressing temple in Essex.

Not the best photos as was very busy so hard to get good photos with so many people about.

Not been edited either.

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ClioSport Club Member
I was coming in for the LOL's judging by my experience with anything with a "Roll Hard" sticker I've seen. But there's some decent motors there.
There's some really nice cars there, my want for a Mk1 Golf is very strong! Mind you, it always has been! Some utter messes there too though, but that's to be expected.


ClioSport Club Member
Yeah i had to take a photo of that Leon with the Fanta!.

Totally agree with the stickers!.hate that on cars looks so tacky.a couple of sutle ones are ok.

Yeah old skool fords are defo cool!.