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Roll on tomorrow - FAO clart and mcbunny

Stand arrived at 7.30 this morning, quickly built it up, burned off to aldi and bought DVD player at 9.15, 11oclock and the XBOX HD AV pack arrives - thanks mcbunny you the man

now bring on tomorrow morning, when my Toshiba 37WLT66 arrives. I'll post some pics when the TV's on there tomorrow just for you Clart to rub it in.. lol

Yamaha AV59 package should be here next week. fingers crossed.

I'm gonna sort all the wires out when everythings installed.. will aquire some spiral wrap from work and tiewrap it all out the way. should look pretty spunking!

the small chest of drawers to the left im going to leave empty as a 'docking station' for my laptop.. its on a special laoptop computer table at the min at oherside of my bedroom, but going to have a VGA and stereo jack trailing onto the chest of drawers so i can sit my laptop on there and Use it through the TV if i want to.
the cossie - I bought that from the shop at donnington when i was about 12.
along with the limited edition drawing hung on the wall there when i watched the british motorbike grand prix.

and dunno whetehr you can make it out but the blue one in the plastic case is a racing blue 182 with stripes..