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ROOF antenna base removal - HELP Please

  Clio MK3 i-music
Hi there,

I want to remove my clio mk3 antenna base.

Anyone got any easy guides of how to do it or even a video?

Any help would be super
  Clio MK3 i-music
what trim bits do i need to take off? and is the antenna base wire connector far down the headliner to disconnect to the next lead?


ClioSport Club Member
I expect the interior trim will have been fitted from top to bottom, look for the overlaps and work your way from there. As for the connector I don't know, you'll have to follow the wire to find it.
Why do you want to remove the base anyway?
  Clio MK3 i-music
radio can only pick up 2 channels. I had the same problem in my megane, turned out to be the antenna base chip corroded