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RR Results

I have just been sent this from a mate of mine who I think got it from Scoobynet...whats the score with this??

I know for a fact that 172s come out of the factory with worrying variations in power outputs! At a recent ClioSport rr day the lowest 172 came out at <130BHP@wheels, and the highest came out at 152BHP@wheels, all completely standard, all on the same day, with the same conditions, kinda worrying eh?

That is strange non?
  Skoda Fabia vRS

that was the RR day that we had in Bury, and before anyone says there was somethin wrong with the rollers, the other power figures for the other cars came out kind of what we were expectin, it was only the 172s that had the wild power variations
  clio 20v

yeh but it wasnt that bad they wernt all completely standard and the one wiv 130 was a bit ill on the day

paddy just got a special one or summat, maybe its got a special factory fitted ecotec lol

mathew, Is that the SAME mathew n I that left them for dust.,,,,,,, over Snake pass.............. ????


naw.. cant be.......

its not the gun.. its the gunner.............

hee hee.. soon young skywalker..... soon.......

yep, they have to know where the loud pedal is for the thrills.. and,.... how come ya didnt pass me lol ???

  320d M Sport

now now!!!

Matt, not done 1/4 mile yet, i was supposed to go to York but couldnt make it in the end, hopefully getting some new tyres next week so I might try to get a run in after that.....remember according to Joes AP22 I ran 17.2....not a bad time really...... And remember stealth is the word....snake pass was a bluff.... (cough, cough.....yeah right)...

  320d M Sport

Hmmmm, and I need new tyres after 7000 miles, slow?? Nahhh, just....when the time allows... as in not with the boss (Nicola)