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RS 200 - Gear changes



Hi Everyone,

I'm v. new to the Clio forum. Thank you for having me.

I've recently bought myself a RS 200 with both packs from a local Renault Sport Garage in Crawley W. Sussex.

The car was an Ex Demo, and its done 12k.

This is the first Renault i've had, and i'm just curious about gear changes, especially going in reverse. (its a bit of a hesitant monkey at times) and would just like ask is this normal? apart from that, love me clio RS! its an absolute beaut' of an engine... I love N/A engines :D
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Mine too has sometimes issue with reverse, depress the clutch rev a little and try again :) Was like that since the beginning so I got used to it. 1st-6th however is spot on.
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Hi, Ollie M welcome to the forum,

First question, How olds the 200 ? any warranty left, (daft question I know )
How much reserch did you do seeing this is your first Renault ?

To be blunt about it , the are several owners out there who have needed new gearboxes fitted under warranty, seems to be a problem with the syncromesh side of things, I,m not going to say that yours may be stating to have issues but if I were you I,d keep a very close eye on it, the gear changes can also be a bit random, sometimes easy , sometimes a right pig, never had any issues yet with mine and its done 14k so the problems don,t seem to effect all



I did a pretty decent amount of research. My bro'a got a 182 and been working on his car since he's had his with little things. I am aware of the odd gearbox issue - many have said the engines are solid but the boxes are made of chocolate!!

I will keep an eye on her, still got 2 yrs on the warranty. It's an 11' with its first service done too when I got her.

I am planning a few track visits with her this year as I've done them before with my other car. If anything if does go, I'll pop it back n see what they say... Cud b very handy having 2 years left.. Cud have a few boxes out of them! :)

I do admitt sometimes gear changes are very interesting, often very smooth n slick, others like a tractor gear box from 1930s! I did some research a week or so ago, and the gear syn setup can go, not necessarily the box, just the links and bushes/ rubber bearings between the throwing arm and the actual box can get worn etc.

Ill keep you all updated so everyone can pass on etc.