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rs tuner after slight mods

  clio sport 182
ive had my 182 for approx 4 months now and still pleased with it. i have changed the air box for a pipercross viper induction kit and a scorpion decat system. i am looking at buying a rs tuner from within the next day or so but just thought i would make a quick post to see if ppl have any do's or dont's for me or maybe some usefull info about purchasing them new?

  GW 200 Gone :( BG182
Depends what your plans are for the car, if your leaving it at the exhaust and filter go for the rs tuner but if your looking at serious mods eg throttle bodies, jms inlet setup etc your better off going for a 'live' map
  clio sport 182
it probably is going to be left as it is for the time being because i use the car everyday but just want that little bit more from it. after this i will prob just be looking at the handling for now and then maybe go all out at a later date.
  GW 200 Gone :( BG182
You'll find that it idles better after the rs tuner, also you'll lose the 5k kick and have a smoother power delivery throughout the rev range
  clio sport 182
thanks, ive just gone onto the fastchip website and there out of stock..... typical.

reading on there website it says that the stage 1 map comes with the purchase and that stage 2 and 3 available but looking through the website i cant seem to find them......
will they make any more difference?