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RS Tuner Question (serious)

  Clio 1.6L 16V

I hope that you can help me. I just read and investigated all the information of the RS Tuner, I read all the old threads and I read all the information in the page but I didn’t solve the only doubt that I had. I know that you need to buy another license if u want to remap another car, but I don’t know if you can do a remap to another car and them if you want to go to your car and change de map that you already installed before remapping the other car. In resume the question is, can you remap anyone’s cars the times that you want if each one has their license?? Or do you have to buy a license each time that you want to remap a different car, no matter if this car had already a license?.

I don’t know if I was clear I hope that you can help me, and I don’t if anyone had problems with this too. I already check the chassis code and the engine code, but I don’t see on the RS tuner website pdf file, that they support my engine code.

Clio 2 K4M:
Chassis code: 9FB BB1R 0D8M006191 so it’s ok
Engine Code: K4M P 7/43 but this one I don’t know, I saw on the pdf file K4M-740/742

I already emailed RS Tuner but I didn’t’ received any answer, and the bad thing is that they don’t know that I’m interested in buying a lot of things.

  Clio 1.6L 16V
Ok perfect, and I already saw that in the download part of the RS tuner website, there isn’t a calibration for the clio 2 BB1R K4M so that means that I have to go with a custom calibration map?, or it’s included if you buy the RS tuner?, thanks for the help.
  182,mx-5 mk1,mev sonic 7
fastchip i dont follow this thread he wants to know what software to use as he cant find it your answer is you need his oem calibration to make one for does he go about doing this?
  Clio 1.6L 16V
Ok so if you have to do a calibration for my car you will charge me 75 euros plus to do it?, or the calibration is included with the RS Tuner Pro ?. Because there is the problem, if I buy a RS Tuner Pro that it’s going to be 213 euros and after that I have to pay 75 euros for the calibration, so in total 288 euros, I don’t know if it’s worth it. Thanks for the answers.
  Clio 1.6L 16V
And do you support the megane I, with the K4M engine??, becasuse I saw that you support the megane II with the K4M. Because I have a friend that would like to buy the RS Tuner but he doesn't know if you support his vehicle, thanks for all the help, cheers.