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RSC John Noble pics (lots of)

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

yeah cup got mailto:165@fly">165@fly. Not sure about the 172 I left before it went on as it was getting a bit late. Apparently the guy with the cup got much higher last time on another RR. Although I was told Nobles is slightly low figures.

I think all the figures are going to be put on RSC ill keep an eye out.

Paddy - I think theyll give you a calculated flywheel figure at John Nobles which they didnt do at RE....provided you get 172bhp or over at the fly youll know youve got a goodun (although we know that regardless of what BHP youve got I suppose!)

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Well the only others I can remember are

Clio 16v - mailto:90@wheels">90@wheels

19 16v - 2.0 bottom end, exhaust etc - mailto:157@fly">157@fly

19 16v Willy lump, cams, headwork - mailto:160@fly">160@fly

I got 172.3 at Fly when I had mu cup at John Nobles last month. The rollers were giving out realistic levels on the Evos which where going on.

i ran my valver, and got the following;

147bhp at 6644rpm

121lb/ft at 6201rpm

115bhp at the wheels

that was with stage 2 head but standard ecu. seemed as tho standard ecus ruled the roost. i got the highest of all the 1.8s on the day, and its never even been to an engine tuner like hill power/bb/k-tec. was well impressed with it. the setup they had seemed very professional and there was good feedback too. couldnt ask for more really


yeah i hit 156 @ 6418 rpm, 121.3 at the wheels and 136.3 lbpf torque

i was amazed at the power really from just a 2.0 bottom end.

the torque curve was sweet too, power was just a perfect rise to 6k where it started to lean off, but then thats the bottom end for ya.

although on the downside i found its running lean after 4k (so a few more horses to be had there with unichip) and its also pinking between 5-6k rpm.

anyway, a mate who had a full williams lump, cams pulleys n chip from nick hill only managed 160bhp @ fly. he had slightly more at the wheels than me but really, im totally chuffed with that output.

im running more bhp n torque than a standard willie lump, so imagine the power increase when i get my 33mm head n other bits n bobs - cant wait, a mint starting point for my engine work.

oh and thats with a cat thats got a hole in too ;) mmmm decat is on its way.


With the greatest respect for my 16v brothers, the transmission loss sounds very high. I recently got 128bhp at the wheels from my tuned Valver (although it was at another RR so cant compare exactly), but whatever at the fly figure I come up with would only ever be a guess.

To be honest, I would go on a much lower transmission loss ratio - maybe something like 15% - which would give my car under 155bhp (sounds on the conservative side of about right for a tuned 16v). Sorry to pick on figures, but I dont think that 115bhp at the wheels would mean 147bhp at the fly. The at the wheel figures sound right on for a set of healthy 16v engines, but the flywheel figures sound a bit high!

Nice looking cars, whose is the smoothed 19 16v??
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

The RR gave both figures. It calculated it at the wheels then let the engine slow down on the rollers to measure the fly reading....!

once the engines reached max power, the clutch is dipped and the load/resitance from teh gbox slows down the rollers. thats how they determined the trasnmission losses. for each car it was different, not a set %age.

the computer grpah first showed the power at the wheels, then once computed, the at the flywheel figure was laid over the top. i think figures they produced is bang on, cus theres no way a williams can produce 150bhp at the wheels, like many rolling roads have suggested


ok, heres mine n jimbos plots comparing the 2 engines.


1.8 head, 2.0 bottom end, hp chip, piperx induction, cat back scorpion.

1.8 gasflowed head, 1.8 bottom end, standard chip, piper cams, ktec decat and scorpion


<img scr ="">


<img scr ="">

u can clearly see the 2.0 is leagues ahead over the 1.8, but really, both engines are identicle in the way the produce power. just the 2.0 bottom end produces it slighty higher over the 1.8 bottom end.

mines the black smoothed off 19 mate


arrghhh right thats best i can get them images to work on here - tried 4 different combinations of html and now i give up lol