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RSTuner Research

Been doing a little reading up on the RSTuner and i'm deff interested in purchasing one as my lumpy idle really is getting on my nerves. That and from what i've read there are no bad points to the software/hardware.

First question i have really is how do i tell what engine code i have? On the fastchip site it says what engines it is compatible with and i dont know how to find out which code my engine is. I have an '04 182 if that helps where to look.

Thanks for any help,
  Mk2 1.2 Campus
Look on your chassis sticker when you open the drivers door. On the VIN number it's start VF1N I think it is, then look at the number and letters after this. As far as I know this is how you tell
  Mk2 1.2 Campus
I would like to point out that I am an amateur. Post in the Fastchip section and Henk will get back to you with a correct answer.
Dont worry. Wasnt gonna start msg-ing you with all my problems lol.

Looking through it all its probably just the engine code thing i was struggling on
A 182 has engine code F4R-738.
Chassis VIN (vehilce number) is likely to be CB22.

Thanks. Cleared it all up for me now.

On a side note i was trying to download the manual from the website but the link appears to be broken. Can anybody send me a recent copy if they have it?