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RT Induction

Now Ive sorted my exhaust (or will have by this weekned hopefully!) I quite fancy a bit of improved induction for my 91 RT so was wondering what the general consensus is.

Im after something a bit louder, definately with some ducting (my engine gets hot pretty quick) and thatll flow a bit better.

So, any opinions would be gratefully accepted.

  Skoda Fabia vRS

Hill Power one is the only one to go for, the others are all just bolt on filters which will just draw in hot air all the time

ive got the HP kit routed up from the bumper where i have removed my fogs
  Skoda Fabia vRS

with it being a foam filter you dont get as much sound as you would with a cotton gauze, but me personally id never buy a filter because of the sound, id buy it for performance

ring Nick an have a chat with him

i think the kit is about £100, not sure on power increase, but with my exhaust system, and a HP induction kit and stage 1 chip, im doin 74 at the wheels, clio is 75/80 at the fly standard, so ive made whatever percentage my transmission loss is

Ah, right... fancied something a little more pleasing to the eye, and not trailing across the engine bay, is there any that have a pipe around the engine rather than over it? Plus I wanted to keep the ducting off the manifold to the box as well but dont know if itll attach... any other suggestionsll

Are any of the conventional ones any good?
  Skoda Fabia vRS

dont bother then mate, unless your after looks

the sh*tty lookin pipe on the left of the pic is somethin i have added, its not necessary

and the one on the right of the pic is simply where the original one goes so i cant see why you would have a problem with that one

you will lose a LOT of power if u stick a filter on and dont give it a cold feed, even the OE setup has one !

I thought you meant the filter was relocated, not ducted. I see what you mean about the ducting, it goes exactly where the old one does. I thought there might be a kit to locate the filter near the front of the bonnet to save trailing stuff over the engine...

Anyone know of such a thing?


  EV (s)

looks alright to me nothing a bit of samco cant sort out if your going for looks

We place the filter asclose to the t/b for best performance , Moving it away will lessen response. To improve the air to the filter we now sell an under bumper scoop which helps.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

never had any problems without it, just make sure your car has had a chance to warm up a bit before you drive it, which you should do anywayz

Go for a K+N with a couple of pipes for cold air feed and youll get a hell of a throaty sound from your filter and zorst and it sounds wicked especially when booting it through the town centres and only costs £50


ClioSport Club Member
  Golf GTi DSG

Ive got a K&N on my 95 RT with 1 cold air duct and 16v bonnet. B4 I had the bonnet I didnt notice any power gains really, just very loud, after 16v bonnet, seems to respond a little better at high speeds and still very throaty!