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RTE Bob - a question for you!


  Shiny red R32


Do you know anything about water ingress in some 172s, in particular the Mk1 and some Mk2 models?

When I bought mine in January 2002, the spare wheel well had about four inches of water in it and when I mentioned it here, a few others had experienced it too. My car went into the dealer twice and they thought they had fixed it, but about three months ago I had a peep in the wheel well and it was wet again.

I dried everything out and contacted the dealer who said to bring it in, but as it hasnt happened since, I didnt bother, as I hate leaving my car the dealers in case someone knocks it.

I couldnt understand why it wasnt wet before this last time, as I am always washing my car, so where and how did the water get in? We have had a completely dry February but I have washed my car loads of times, but still dry in the spare wheel dept.

Any ideas Bob or what do you know about this problem?

  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg


I am not aware of a particular problem with water ingress to the spare wheel area. I do know of a post on this forum where a guy is pokin a BIC pen through the wheel arch that hadnt been sealed properly.

We see a lot of 172s and Cups and to date, I have received no complaints of this nature.

Sorry cant be of more help this time!

Bob (useless) RTE
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

PS Ill check the RUK database tomorrow for known probs!

Bob (might not be so useless) RTE


  Shiny red R32


At the time, a friend of mine obtained a Technical Information sheet which was dated August 2001 with the number (code?) 1215 above the date. It also had on the front page

Renault UK

Type Clio II RS 172 CH Phase 1 (CBOM)

Water ingress in luggage compartment area - vehicles concerned:

Clio II RS 172 CH Phase 1 (CBOM) which fabrication number begins with a K.

Clio II RS 172 CH Pahse II are unaffected.

Are you any wiser now?
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

Well thats a great deal of help. Itll save me having to trawl through loads of notes!

Ill look up Ti 1215 tomorrow!

Be in touch soon!

Bob (all excited) RTE

PS have you already seen this note?
  Clio 1.6 16V

GR does your car generally stand outside or garaged? If garaged most of the time this may be a clue? Before you bought the car it probably sat around in the rain for a few weeks in a wet and rainy compound filling up the rear tyre wel. Do you skoosh under the rear arches with the hose when you give it a wash? If so it is probably not an arch sealer problem as thought. Black cars always have more leaks cause you have to wash them twice a day to keep them clean ....but then you hardly drive yours (3.5K miles @ first service!!)....LOL ;)


  Shiny red R32

My car has never been in my garage, I always keep it outside. Where I usually park it, there is a slight incline and for ages I parked it facing downhill and the time when I found the water again was after I started parking it uphill - if you see what I mean. This led me to think that water might have been gathering somewhere inside and then when I started parking it facing the other way, the water then ran into the wheel well.

Can you picture this? Strange that it hasnt occurred for about three months! Maybe it has sorted itself ???? Bob RTE is on the case now so we will wait and hear what he has to say.

Yes I do give the under arch areas a good skooshing in case there is any salt or dirt that I hate getting on my car.