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RUK customer services

posted this earlier on

I have owned 4 clios from new since 2002, a 1.4 16v dynamique, 182, 197 and now a 200.

In 7 years yes I have had a few issues, 182 needed some bodywork to have drivers door and passenger wing replaced, xenons replaced after factory didnt fit the covers on lights and they blew, 197 had cold start issues, door seals replaced, alloys corroding, electric door mirrors replaced but cant complain about service I got from local dealers and any issues where resolved.

Now comes my 200....picked up 17th October, albi blue, noticed when picked it up a 5" to 6" thin scratch which was noted by dealer, also noticed scuffs on side skirts.

It was agreed since valeters had left it would be resolved in due course.

Get car home and notice whole car had light swirls from washing, but then noticed further issues on bumper, light scratches on paint and anthracite front and an area of around a 10 pence near fog light with uneven paint and primer showing through and the creme de la creme a area on passenger door which was swirl city, now admittedly it was very sunny and it showed up everything but it was obvious someone had worked on door say with a polisher and left their mark on car with hologramming.

Okay so I call dealer and this is 3 hours after picking car up and it was agreed dealer would phone me on the monday.

Monday comes and in fairness dealer calls and agree to go in on the 24th.

24th October comes and its ****ing down but head over when it breaks and show dealer what I can ie front bumper, he agrees some damage but wasnt sure about door.

I called RUK from dealers but complaints section closed but would have a call on Monday 26th.

Monday comes and since had no call I called RUK and get told it is with case manager who I will not name. I get no call so I call RUK back and ask what their service standard is to deal with a complaint...2.0 hours.

No call from Ruk on Monday...No call on Tuesday so send a full e-mail detailing issues....No call on Wednesday.

Finally after chasing it again on Thursday I get a 1 minute call from manager and he advised he would call later which he did and provided me with answers to a few questions I had raised over whether the car had been damaged during manufacturer process, in transport, storage and when car build. Car which was ordered 24th August was built 10th September, my concern had been over whether the car had been sitting in storage.

I was asked to take cars to R bodyshop in East Kilbride which is around 32 miles away. I have no time off until January so explained I really was unable and due to the car having 100 miles on clock I was not willing to allow anyone to drive it incase it got ragged which manager agreed. So it was left that he would call me on Monday to discuss. Manager explained he was off on the Friday.

Monday comes and goes so this afternoon phone and after a missed call get in touch with manager.

I asked why I had no call back and he could only offer his apologies. He then started showing he really didnt know when he said we had spoken on you had a day off. So after checking with a colleague he just said car had to go to East Kilbride. I reminded him of our call and explained I had no time off to take.

I asked who would pay for costs of travelling and loss of use of car if needs to go in for cover for losses under warranty.

Then the fun began......According to RUK the dealers told them there was no damage noted to car by them. I found it hard to laugh at this stage. I went over history again but no effect. I asked if Renault had no issue in customers taking delivery of cars with damage noted was the reply by RUK.

So RUK's final stance in matter is that I have to send a letter to dealers with photos showing damage. I asked well what would dealer do with letter but this just got a vague reply of to put them on notice.

So I asked who else could I speak to in RUK and was told I could send a letter to their MD. But no point in that as the MD would read the letter and then pass it to the case manager so basically no point!

I asked manager why I had to chase him up and why I hadnt had a call back on the 26th within 2 were misinformed about the service standards...

So ****e service, broken promises and clearly a case manager who doesnt even know his facts isnt capable of noting files properly or being able to call.

So speak to dealers and sales manager who confirms yes they accept car has issues with paintwork and told case manager that on call last week. Sales manager was lost when I told them that car was to go into their competitors bodyshop as well rather than their own approved one. So its left with Sales Manager who is passing details of issues to their Sales Contact in RUK for that Region and will have answer on Friday.

I really appreciate fact that RUK wipe their hands and make it clear as anything that my contract is with dealers and I have to take any issues to them.

This will be for definite my last Renault.

To top it off just had a call from some company asking for feedback on RUK.....priceless.
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i have to agree with the majority of the above and i work for renault. Customer services can be useless at times, taking days to call back. It doesn't inspire the customer with confidence and generally its the dealer who looses out because they get a pissed off customer!!
Customer services are usually very helpful.
Your issue is with the supplying dealer, their valeters would have noticed the damage, as would the tech that PDI'd the car, this should have been rectified before the car was collected. Now you have taken the car away there are all sorts of issues with warranty etc. The dealer themselves are going to have to cover the costs, I would expect they have missed the boat for claiming under warranty on pre delivery damage.
Oh dear, Aly. Didn't it sit outside the stealers 'on show' for a while too? b*****ds tbh. Hound the dealer, daily calls, really become a pain in the neck for them. Have a read of my Renault debacle thread if you want RUK to help. My contact at RUK is cushty but I've gone through two others to get to her.

Deemed as picky by stealers probably, but it's not what most people would expect from a brand new car!
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that is horendous and the list of niggles is certainly frustrating and annoying. I felt that when i spoke with RUK customer and brand loyality seemed to count for very little, which I felt was a naive outlook of possible future custom and retention of owners.
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I havent even had my follow up call from buying my 200 yet and i have had it 4 months :(


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Don’t think he can reject the car now his driven of the forecourt, he now has to give the dealer adequate time and the chance to fix the problems.

Such a pain in the ass though and not what you want when buying brand new.

RUK seems to be very inconsistent, I phoned them just asking if there was a known problem with the headlights rubbing on the wing of the 197’s and from my reg number they worked out where I purchased the car and got the dealers back up by moaning at them.
I wouldn't have even collected the car tbh, just left it with them until it was ready for delivery.
Isn't that David fella just a marketing guy? I didn't think he had anything to do with Customer Service? Although I'm sure he'd still be interested to see how dissatisfied most of their customers are or were.
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Isn't that David fella just a marketing guy? I didn't think he had anything to do with Customer Service? Although I'm sure he'd still be interested to see how dissatisfied most of their customers are or were.

I think his brief was to try to improve customer service, but I fear he is all bark and probably doesn't give a fcuk anyway.
It would be nice to have a reply from him though and let Reno show us that they do give a sh'it occasionally.

After the survey results the other day, I imagine they are all hiding under their desks.
LOL. Probably.

They're pretty crap at getting back to you in most instances, kicking up a fuss and being a cnut will get you nowhere, just be persistant in nagging them and you'll get somewhere.