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rumble / noise

i think the noise is coming from the front Drivers side here's a lil info

When i take sharp Right canners all the noise stops when i got strate or left there is a loud rumbling / shaking and a loud noise like ummm a air aplain. i had the drivers side front bearing changed and its still making noise i cant tell if its coming from back or front but I'm sure its front
it happends at any speed slow or fast louder at speeds tho.
can any one help please :)
Changed the front wheel bearing and the noise is still there how can i check if its driveshaft
mine sounded like the os front took it to Rentech and correctly diagnosed as os rear, was doing exactly same thing m8
how much do you think it will cost to get renault to tell me what the problem is and then i can fix it my self or is it best to just change the drivers side rear and hope thats it. Did urs have any play in the wheel
when i jacked the back up and spun it i did here a bit of rubbing kinda noise but i just thought that was the handbrake
sounds like its that then mate, mine was distinctive in comparison to the ns rear, oh and it tokk nigh on 10 tonne pressure to come out!
i just jacked up the Os Rear and the brake is jammed on. a lil bit and i cant turn the wheel could this be the problem