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running an amp if Standerd Head unit

  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
Ok dont shout me down.....

I am wanting to keep my car as standard as possible but also nice subtle modifications, ive established my standard speakers in the 172 can't hold the bass i want them to.

I am wanting to put my ipod in the car - i have worked all this out and am on my way to buy the correct leads to get it all in the car with the display unit and controll unit still working. however this is on hold untill the next question :)

now i am wondering if it is possible to run an amp off the standard head unit, or is the sound going to be terrible, are there any amp outputs on the back ? i have never taken the head unit out - just doing a little reasearch to see if it is going to be better to run a different head unit.

many thanks, ben
Amen to that, you just be making too much work for ur self just hold onto the standard radio till u sell then put it back in
  FF 182 w/cup packs
I'm running my Ipod via the Dension Ipod kit for renault (it plugs into the cd changer port in the back of the head unit) the dension controller allows you to still use the stalk control to change track etc. I'm also running an amp from the standard head unit, i bought a line level to phono adapter (£7) and a wiring loom extension lead, i soldered the adapter to the rear speaker cables of the extension lead, then plugged the phone leads for the amp into this, i also soldered the remote lead of the amp to the ignition wire of the extension cable. then just put the extension cable between the headunit and the existing wiring loom, this way i haven't damaged any of the loom and it can be removed with ease. Hope this makes sense. My amp is a built in amp/sub combo (Infinity Basslink) and it sounds great, but then again i'm not one who wants to blow the windows out of my car and have everything on show. the set up is discrete and sounds good.