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S22's Racing Blue 200

  RS Clio 200
Well here we go!
After my love affair with the track spec 172 which became one of the flagship cars on this forum a few years ago, i spent a few years pootling around in sensible cars. Notibly Toyotas! I went through an Aygo, and an Auris, both brand new, and then an 08 plate yaris SR. I have to admit Toyotas are great cars. None of the 3 ever skipped a beat and no issues what so ever.

About 5 weeks ago i randomly had an urge to look for a new car again, and was set on a BMW 320d. I even found the one i liked. On the way home however i spotted a Racing Blue 200 in Motorline Renault Maidstone, and fancied a test drive. I didnt actually wanna buy it, just wondered how the compared the old much loved S22 JGS.

Well, i fell in love, and half hour later i have agreed terms and filled in paperwork. And my mrs says i act on impulse. No idea where she gets that from.

So here it is. Before i got my cleaning hands on it of course, anyone who remembers me will know i would class this car as a mess detailing wise.


Part of my decision in buying it was that it WASN'T the cup model. For some reason there seems to be a real feeling of high horseness amongst Cup owners with the 197 and 200's. Personally i think with a few modifications, the non cup is by far the better car. More so than the FF with the Cup Pack. As a start, the interior is much better - softer dash, better steering wheel etc, and i love the fact it DOESN't have red calipers.

So whats happening to this one?

Well, still slightly undecided. One things for sure though is that it will be another Mark Fish car. It is already booked in for 2 weeks time to have the cup dampers and H&R springs fitted.

One thing i have definately decided after discussions with Mark is that coilovers are not the route for this car. Im older than i used to be, have a mortgage etc, so constant track days are not going to feature. We both feel that cup dampers, with lower springs is more suited to the road, and the very occassional track day.

Wheels - i am unsure on. I am on the lookout for a set of the speedline wheels (the road version of the cup racer wheels), and i want to have these done white. This will depend on how the standard wheels suit the car once its lowered. right not im not overly keen on them. The one problem with the speedlines is everyone has them. They have become the new Turini lol.

No doubt there will be other things in the the moment, current thinking is:
- Panel filter, followed by ITG Maxogen at a later date
- Oreca race exhaust
- Schrick cams, or possibly ITB's at a later date
- Ported and matched inlet manifold
- 64mm throttle body
- RS Tuning remap
- Braided brake lines

There is of course another option once the warrenty has run out, which makes most of the above irrelevent. Dropping in the Megane turbo lump which a few people have done. I beleive K-Tec can do it, although i never have, and probably never will trust K-Tec. Any work will of course be done by Mark Fish.

So there we go. It could be an interesting journey again.


ClioSport Club Member
  S4 Avant
Im not normally a fan of those wheels on the 200, but i think in silver, with a slight drop they will look spot on.
  RS Clio 200
Im not normally a fan of those wheels on the 200, but i think in silver, with a slight drop they will look spot on.

my thoughts exactly. which is why i am holding off the speedlines. i have looked at the ultralegeras as i had these on the 172, but they dont really suit the racing blue. It needs a light bold wheel to contrast the bright car
  RS Clio 200
Well we had a panel filter turn up today.

And booked into Mark Fish next tuesday. High five!


ClioSport Admin
so. doesnt want to be part of the 'elite' by not buying a cup packed car... then gets cup suspension fitted anyway? :s

shoulve just bought a FF and painted the calipers lol :rasp:

nice plans though. but there is a reason everyone gets the same things ;) (speedlines, turinis, silvervisions etc)

but if you still dont want to be a sheep, 197 cup wheels look awesome on these :)
  RS Clio 200
Lol if I had the money to buy one from new I would have had the cup pack, but I don't think it makes it a better car in all areas. I just don't see why people look down on those without it. If anything the non cup car is far better for uk roads.

I am however a Motorsport freak and I like my cars stiff. Coil overs are just pointless when it's not going on track so the only option is cup dampers really. I think this will end up being perfect though to be honest. Nice and stiff but with a tiny bit more flex than the cup for when it's wet


ClioSport Admin
I don't look down on the cars without cup suspension. I just figured (for me atleast) if you're gonna buy one, you may as well get one that has everything ticked... Hence me buying the r27

Coilovers on these are overkill IMO. H&Rs look so much better, someone on slammed a ly r27 and it absolutely ruined the look of the car :(
  RS Clio 200
Yeh too low doesn't suit the car.
in fairness if they had one I would have got the cup. But I'm quite pleased with the route I'm taking


North East
ClioSport Area Rep
Love the car but not a fan of the wheels althought each to there own.

Sounds like you have some good plans. :)
  RS Clio 200
pics taken tonight after visit to Mark Fish. Taken by the misses, although we could find her tripod so pics are a bit grainey.
Cup dampers and H&R 30/30 springs fitted








And a couple of the blue LED's