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Sagem Dials

  clio 16v

Does any1 know where I can get some replacement dials that will fit the Sagem dials from a MK1 16V?
I was looking for some indiglo dials, or a white dial kit!


i put an extra - in there :oops:

MM dials are of very high quality, mid last year i was half way through helping them develop the dials for the fiat coupe 20vT, i had to withdraw from development as i didnt buy one in the end, but they are very helpful people if you deal with them
  1.8 16v Mk1 Ph1 + S14a
So basically noone does indiglos for the mk1? (cos they are LED :( )

I actually have some 200sx indiglos in front of me now, only cost £45 for the set!

They are awesome mod :) Shame none for the mk1 though :(