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santa pod this sunday

just wondered if anyone was thinking of showing up at this weekends RWYB event? would be a first me meeting up with some other cliosport members


okay mate, keep a look out for me, got a phase II with some 17" silver williams replica wheels on, cheers
  2010 FRS FW Lux 1

Yep defo going.

their will be a NOS powered CTR doing some runs which should be interesting.

me and griff will be cruising down the M6 about 9am-ish if anyone cares to join us?

Might be going but doubt I will run until the car is run in properly. Be interesting to see if any of the Cups going will be able to breach 14.5 @94.5mph that my Mk1 172 ran, Tim O
  CTR EK9 turbo

Hi tim - Im sure youve been asked this many times, but: what mods were you running in your mk.1? and how many things started to go wrong and at what mileage!!? thanks in advance, si

My Mk1 had Viper through foglight, Chip, CAT off back box (v6 style), RL Traction Control. The reason I sold it was the clutch and gear box were on their way out, and it was beginning to feel generally worn, I got such a good deal on the cup that I couldnt really turn it down.

I would have been in my Mk1 still if these hadnt been such a problem.