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Sat-Nav Install Pics

  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2

Here we go:

Brodit powered cradle with brodt clip. HP iPAQ 2210 running TomTom3 Navigator with custom POIs.

Holux In-line serial GPS receiver hidden in dash.

Head unit is a Pioneer DEH-77MP mp3/cd etc head unit...

Oh and finally they are EAR plugs in the ashtray and not condoms. Thank you. :)


ClioSport Club Member
  A blue one.

Does the "closeness" of the iPaq make you claustraphobic? I think your bracket looks more centered than the brodit one I had so you might not have that problem.

Can you not wire the power into the underside of the cigarrette lighter to be completely free of wires?

Looks real nice/tidy though mate, much better than the brodit I had.
  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2

Its the same mount - just pushed it into the middle between the vents.

I like it there Jon but I found i wa taking my eyes too far off the road for the angled mount. This way - Its ubber cool. Plus when we go to the ring, Em can see where were going too. :)
  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2

Oh and sn00p, have the same mount as you, but have an angled holder - so can adjust the full tilt etc on it. :)
  Mazda 2, MX5 Mk2.5 Sport

Where are you running the power cable?? the wires on mine sometimes get in the way when Im changing gear.
  Remapped derv Golf

Cheers CupCake. Youve put my mind at rest. I was gutted I sold my DEH-77MP in my VTR but I dont really think it goes with the Cups dash.

I loved that headunit and really miss it!
  RB 182

Si where are you getting your POIs from, been trying to get hold of the POI Warner that tells you about the speed camera but it wants me to pay :(
  RB 182

Quote: Originally posted by HazzyP on 24 March 2005

any ideas where to get one of these cradle things and will it fit all ipaqs?
You cant fit all iPAQs as they are different in size.
  RB 182

Quote: Originally posted by CupCake on 24 March 2005

Ok well i installed the checkpoint software and used the instructions and speed camera stuff from here:

It gives you full instructions.

Once id found out how it worked I downloaded a Shell Optimax POI of the net and installed that and mroe recently have made my own Renault POI plotting every Renault dealer in the South East.

Cheers Si, looked at the one before but it looked too much work :p

Ill try it later and see how good it is.