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Sausage Dog Get Low Decal/Sticker. WHO?

  421 Cammed 172
I'm sure i've seen a member with one of these.

Does anyone know who it is or where they can be bough from?

I quite like them :D


ClioSport Club Member
  Mini GP1, Clio 182
winston i do beleive, foxy had one too one his mk2
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Anyone got one lying around or know somewhere that's still doing them?

I wonder if Ady would be able to do them?

I really like it when i saw it, made me chuckle.
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How much would you want for one mate?

Have you tried Ady see if he'd do them for you?

I think they'd be quite popular if everyones as simple as me - lmao
I have my own supplier who is round the corner, id have to start messing with postage to Ady, etc.

Would be a couple of quid probably
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OK mate.

Have you got a picture of yours to be sure?

Also can i pick a colour, will pay any extra costs incurred.
Mostly any color, internal or external, whatever size you want....