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Saw a very good race today, right in the centre of Mancheste

was looking out of my works window today and saw a red ferrai 360 drove past, stop at the traffic light further up the road, so i went outside to have a better look (a bit sad i know), then as i was admiring the 360 ive heard a bike coming from behind giving it some, turn round to see the biker racing a new M3 convertable, as the M3 drove past i realise it was the guy who crashed the white ferrai 355 with number plate L00NEY in Gumball Rally 2001, hes mad as f*ck, racing a bike right on one of the busiest street in Manchester! anyway he try it on with the 360 but the tosh werent having any of it.

Hmmm, thats the kind of street racing I dont approve of. i dont like seeing people hurt or killed...

An empty road with good viz is one thing but not built up areas with people and animals.

saw a scooby and a ferrari go at it last night.

sound was absolutly mint and the scobby stuck on its ass all the way