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Scalped Scirocco

twas quite funny tho! Lots of smoke from his car, he pulled off quick and you know how it is, I wasnt up for it but I thought Id have some fun.:p

Could hear his car really giving it some and I just kept pulling away from him - had to allow my self a smile!:D heheheh!

Well I had a go with a 306 XSI a couple of nights ago. Pulled up next to it at a set of lights. Lights Go green and I pull away as normal. As I do, I hear the 306 engine screamin as he starts to pull along side and as I was still in 1st and just about to change into 2nd, I floor the pedal and doesnt get a chance to get in front. Slam it into second, the tyres chirp with the acceleration and its bye bye XSI. He is toast!

I slow down to a give way junction, he pulls along side, doesnt slow down and shoots off up the road. He gets about 30yds ahead before I decided to give chase. Took what seemed a while before I caught up as he had the jump on me and overtook him on a fast sweeping curve, not sure what speed I was going but I was at 7000rpm in 4th as I cruise past didnt get into 5th as I had to lowed down for the next giveway and he was about 50 yards behind I pull over at the give way to let him pull up next to me and he shoots off again. I let him go after that as I had my bit of fun and plus there was now more traffic. Give him his dues, not bad for a 120bhp or so 2ltr 8v motor.

Last saturday I was coming back to London from Derby, I was on my way home at 3 am and this uno turbo puts on his fogs and decides to get up my rear, so let go of the throttle and let him get really close, then the road we were on turned into a dual carriageway so i floor it and he starts to disapper, then comes a HUGE roundabout and I let him catch up check its clear and hammer it round, the car stuck to the floor and the Uno gave up, no contest. Smiles all the way to my door.:D