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Scorpion INDY

My mates got one one his Fiesta Turbo, sounds absolutly wicked.
Theyre 4".
Just wondering if anyone has had any experiance with one of these on a clio 16v?
Would 4" be ok or would I loose power?
Any advice?

  Williams 2, STi N12

Is that just the last section or the whole bore of a complete exhaust? If it is the last couple of inches..i.e. from the back box. Then I cant see it making much difference. However if it was 4" all the way through then it may be a problem.

I dont know it doesnt give that kind of detail in the catalogue, Ill have to talk to my mate and find out.
I would have thought it would be unlikely to be 4" all the way though, wouldnt you? Or do exhausts often come this big all the way though?
One major draw back Ive just noticed is it doesnt come with a space to put a cat for the MOT!
  Williams 2, STi N12

Yeah I would think it is just the outlet bit that is 4", so it will just affect the exhaust note rather than the overall effeciency. The bit for the cat can be easily overcome, just measure it up and cut it off to the length you need, then get a local engineering firm to weld you the fixing plate in place. Job done.

yeah i know what your saying about the Scorpion systems, they do have a an excellent unique.. i had a 3inch imola on my previous motor.. was the nuts!!

when i bought my valver it come pre-installed with a magnex system.. which as far as looks and build quality go.. its fine, tho its got no sting like the scorpion had!! id have a scorpin over a magnex any day of the week!!!

Well I have to disagree. I think Scorpion systems absolutely suck. Good for power gains, maybe, but a loud, droning, booming noise in the cabin aint my sort of thing...

Had one on my 19 16v, made a big difference to performance with the K&N, but bloody unpleasantly noisy on long runs.

Had another one on my 306 Rallye, made no difference to performance, got the same irritating boom in the cabin, did my head in, and then the khunt melted as well!

Nope, Ill leave Scorpion well alone from now. Its a taste thing, I suppose.

hmmm performance gains i think not.

sound wise they lack in most areas....when u decat em they sound soooo nova raspy.....dont think id bother with one again either.

hmmm give me a one off custom zaust anyday
  Audi S3

Pillesnoppen! sorry gunna have to totaly dissagree with u there wouldent say that there is much in the way of a performance gain with them!

also on the noise point yea when giveing it some boot its loud but when u take it easy its nearly as quiet as a std exaust.


Hmmm... bit of a mix of opinions!
First people were saying good things, then people are saying bad things.

Not sure what to get now?
Any other suggestions??



Have heard very good things about the Mongoose systems. Im looking at fitting one to my Cup when I get it although they are a bit costly.

If anyone thinks these are pants then let me know before I buy one!
  190 BHP Willy 2 got a magnex full system and its the tits. if i wanted all noise id of bought a peco.
Do they do them for cars other than novas????

  Williams 2, STi N12

Yeah got a full magnex on my Willy, have to say I am very impressed with it. Just contact the manufacturer, if they are serious they will provide you with the RR tests and back up their sales crap. The other option is come to a meet and see the variety of zorsts there!

Yep, I have heard a lot of good things about Magnex. According to a large exhaust test Max Powe ran a few years ago, they were very high quality, and relatively quiet.

I had a cat replacement Mongoose on my EVO 6, and gained 17 bhp on the RR. But that is a different car, with a big blower on it. Noise wise it was great. Quiet on the cruise, sounded like a rally car when booting it.

As regards the performance gains on the 19 16v, they were marked. It had 138 bhp on the RR before, with a superchip, but unfortunately I didnt re-dyno it after fitment of the exhaust and filter( it was a straight-through, cat replacement system ), but the difference was very noticable. But then my car was incredibly tight and slow from the start, even the Superchips guys said so.

Thing is, people want different things from their pipes. The best thing to do is find someone with a car that is similar to your own and with a particular pipe fitted, test it out, and make up your opinion.

All I really want out of an exhaust is one that looks good, doesnt knock like so many seem to, sounds good but not stupidly loud, and any power gain would be a good bonus.

if ur after something mundane and quiet except when u boot it, then go for all the mainstream zausts ie scorpion, magnex, mongoose etc

if ur after something with a little flair and noise.....go for a powerflow or longlife or something custom.

get a straight thro pipe with no silencer so u only have one in the back box. with a tailpipe of ur choice.


to stay on the safe side then go for magnex, most people say there the best exhausts and have won awards from maxpower, but peco are good aswell, my mate put a full system peco on his 1.2 clio and i was very surprised by how nice it sounds considering there probably the cheapest performance exhausts and theyve won a couple maxpower awards aswell

p.s it wont make your car sound like a nova and give it that waaaaaarp noise

a magnex will cost around 280 quid for a 16v for a full system, but one with a manifold will set u back about 500 quid