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scratch x

I apply it with a plush microfiber towel folded up to give extra bite tho depending on the mark/swirl it may take a few applications mate....also you want to work the product til it totally breaks down and disappeaers for the best result.

When removing just fold the mircrofiber over and use the clean side to buff off.

Best bet is with the MF mate, i used to use the megs sponge applicatior pad but found that the product didn't get as much 'bite' as using it with a MF towel or MF applicator.
  Fiat Coupe 20vt
You need a firmer foam pad. The reverse side of a german applicator pad works great. The normal megs ones are too soft IMHO.
  106 GTi
It is such hard work to remove anything much with it.

Folded terry towel, MF does not give enough bite for me, small area and multiple applications making sure it is worked correctly - till it is all gone with no residue to remove, and chances are a machine polish will still be needed to do proper swirl removal.