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I JUST GRIPPED 2 F***ING!! tarts jackin up my 16 valver!! they put my passenger window thorugh tried to have off with the ice!!

HOW PISSED OFF IM I!!!!! they F***IN GOT AWAY....... (in MK2 white fiesta G reg!! ) but with nothin!! couldnt even go after em!!

ive seen my ass¬ my car had a TOAD i606 cat1, and a disk lock cat2!!!ARGHHHHH!!!

well this happened in Neston ... North West???

any1 know anything ?>?

BAD NEWS MATE! Why cant people just let others enjoy things without stealing it or wrecking it. I had a new motorbike one day and the same day caught a bloke trying to steal it. It made me so Mad i lost it and ended up paying a large fine for my actions. I would still do the same if it happened again. I can understand how pissed off you must feel.

SCUM is a very very mild word for how i feel about people like that!

Wish i knew something to help mate
  ff 182

Sorry mate cant help you but good luck trying to find the b******s.ive got a cat1 and a disk lock on my car and they still try to have a go.At least they didnt nick anything?

Cheers Pete
  Revels Mum & Sister

People allways want what they cant have.

Some just accept it or wait others like those little Filthbags will try and take it. They have no respect or commen decency for anything.

If you find them, String the little b******s up by there Nutsack. My clio hasnt been touched. I live in a good area. When I had my Nova GTE was round my sisters and someone tried breaking in. Smashed the small Quarterlight window at the front. Ran off when the alarm sounded.

As soon a s I bought the clio had a Clifford Concept 300 with Dual Zone fitted. Sad state of affairs when you have to spend £300 odd quid just to stop someone trying to take it. Plus now yo get the added bonus of Paranoia!! Everytime you hear or think you hear an Alarm. Catch them mate and give them what they deserve.

Saw the car but never did find them!!!

Liquid Ice are you working for my ex girlfriend as your on all the forums i go to.What ever she is paying you i will double it!!!! I will even pay you treble if you can catch the b******s who did this guys car.

Oh yes thanks for the Oil advice mate!

the reg wuz G??? PEG the car park wuz v dark and they gotta away with there lights off, lets hope the old plod get some finger prints on there jacks......

im off out tonight wiv few mates... HUNTIN!

cheers all

Id never get a disklok, its like a nick me sign. Invest in some supaglass!

Unlucky though mate, hope you hunt them down and kick their asses!

Theres an abandoned transit and metro outside my offices today, lovely!
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

im starting to think its not worth having lots of expensive ice in the car. Not worth it. Without anything like that there is fak all for them to nick. When i had nice expensive amps in the back i was always worried theyd be gone, now there is nothing in there nothing to be worried about.

instead theyll probably nick the wheels :(((

Ive even considered stripping the RS out to a bare shell bar the seats and dash. You have to wonder whether its better to hide what you may have got and have someone break in even if you have nothing in there, or just strip it out and say Hey, theres nothing to take, so move on. ?

Very sad state of affairs. And we all know the old bill are usually more than useless. 2 days to get someone out to fingerprint my motor when it was done over! What are you supposed to do if you need it?! Taking the law into your own hands is the only real, effective option I reckon. Of course, youre then on the wrong side of the law so have to be doubly careful...

>> I went huntin for the b******s on friday night ...... on way home this sh*t house WHITE FIESTA wuz commin up on out side lane then it just slowed right down... i clocked on so pulled over !!!! well f**k me it WUZ THEM!! ... they then did a 180 hand brake.... haha 1.1 fiesta!!!! NO CHANCE!!! anyways mate wuz on to the boys in blue...

they would not pull over and they were drivin like nutters... after givin chase and goin throgh some red lights the police told us to stop are pursuit!!!

the reg wuz G163 PAG!!! anyways i gotta give th police a call tomoz to see wuz happenin!??

ill keep you posted

You are very good for calling the plod , i would have got next to them put down the passenger side window and throw anything heavy at their window. Where did this all happen?

last time I gave chase I ended up being the one getting pulled, the copper didnt even chase the other guy, and I was on the phone to them at the time!!!!! Copper was ok though once I proved I was on the phone to them (still had the cheek to say I should have been hads free!)

If u have the reg its much easier to find them, and if they have the car two dys running then it looks like its theirs, not nicked.

Good luck hunting some more! (b****cks to restraint!)

get on the fone to the police check for stolen vechiles fittin that reg if non ask em to do search for local cars, i would have thought it would be their own car or they wouldnt care bout you seein their plates, by havin lites off its harder to see them! From what i gather most crimes like that are local, they know the easy getta way routes

this all happened on the WIRRAL ....... the police have told mr the car has not been reported stolen..... and they are local!!!!!

this all happened along the chester high road heading towards two mills, thats when they did 180 back towards neston....

i also have mangaed 2 obtain the names of these low life scum bags..:D
  Revels Mum & Sister

Hide in the back of the car with a bat. Then when they do come

WHACK!! HEhe Ok may never get broken into.

Hehe Mike Wright what other forums. Nahh mate you cant afford me she pays me too much hehe ;)

Yeah i used to live in Burton but moved to Chester the other month. Never seen any other cliosport members round these parts! What colours your valver?

yeah i thought i wuz the only clio sport member 2...

i got a black Nreg valver quads and prowler front bumber sittin on 17".. how bout you ?