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seat covers

  (iceburg sliver) clio 172
i am after some seat covers to go over my seats to protect them when am travelling to and from work!! i have tried 3 different types now but non of them are wide enough for the sides of the seats..

any one got any ideas???:D
  Renault clio mk2 rxe 1.6
U can get sum cheap waterproof ones from tesco that are about £5 for both fronts, thats what i use.


ClioSport Club Member
ebay's good, got some renault 1's off there with velcro sides for airbags and reanult printed on them, tiny bit small width ways for my seats, dynamique, but with the vecro moved to make them sit better they are sound!
think i payed about £18 for front 2 incl. postage!
  (iceburg sliver) clio 172
i tried some cheap ones for a2z.. 6 quid for 2 but after a week they just ripped, just not wide enough for the the seats!! how much is a snap on one??
  clio 172 sport
got mine from halfords mate they where £25 quid for the 2 front seats but seem good quality compared to many ov the cheap ones and they fit well.:D