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service light and airbag light

why has my service and air bag light come on for no reason the car has only done 4500 miles also the petrol one came on tonight when the petrol gauge showed past the first mark
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

The service light has come on due to the electronic system picking up a fault with your air bags. Common fault !! Get it booked into a Renault dealer for them to investigate. Generally its just a loose connection or a wire shorting out. Trapped between something and the shell of the car.

The car will function as normal but your airbags may not activate.

The petrol light might mean put some juice in !!!

Hope this helps.

cheers mate just checked the car started it up all three lights have gone out but no doubt they will be back will book it into dealer
  Clio 1.6 16V

My friends 2002 1.2 16V had a service / airbag light fault recently @ 2K miles. Also the fuel guage reading was intermittent. This was attributed to a faulty connection/connector under the drivers or passenger seat ...cant remember which. Reno by-passed the connector and has been fine since.

this happens often for us and msotly turns out to be the wire under the drivers seat being loose. try wiggling it, or get renault to have a look at it and it will probably be this....unless there is a real fault.

i will have a look under seat tommorrow. I thought i was doing well had no problems with it before.

p.s what sort of money would i get for it if i sold it

9 months old ,4500 miles,iceberg silver,15 months warranty

due to expanding family