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that aint a service! theres more than that on just labour if you get it done at a garage...unless you did it yourself?!

what mileage services it in for? 6000 they would at least change the oil and filter and labour you for it!!!!

yeah theyve made a mistake - u sure it was a service?!!! what did they say the 16 quid was for?


i just bought the car so i took it to be serviced, cos i didnt know wen the last service was

they said that 16 quid was for service:eek:

they must have had a new person workin their or somet like that

i didnt say owt cos it was a BARGAIN! :D

oil filter
air filter
just general service, not got job sheet - its at work :oops:

i will post back tomorow what else they did cos i wanna know whats happened now, lol :confused:

youve done pretty unbelievably well if thats what they changed, i think the RRP of the parts would come up at about£35-£40 !
  Clio 200 FF

can just imagine

oil filter - wipe old one clean air filter - blow clean with air line plugs - never see them so sod it

for the price it sounds more like a safety check/ inspection