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Whats the next service after the 12000 mile one for a 172 mk 2? Also how much is it likely to cost from past experience?


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24000 mile service and I think at my local dealer it was about £180 more than a 12000 mile service but not as much as a 36000 mile service. Dont take that as gospel though!


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Sounds like daylight robbery again! What the heck gets done for that amount of cost?
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Quote: Originally posted by RobFenn on 28 February 2003

I think you already know the answer to that, nothing!
Well, being an RTE (Renault Technical Expert) I would have to disagree with Rob.

If you have the service book to hand, look through until you find the service schedule. It outlines what operations are performed during a service.

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LOL Daz!

The acronym of RTE has been translated by some of my mates into some really strange and hurtful comments!

EG: Really Tiny Erection.

Thank gawd for my sense of humour.

They will be OK after physio therapy though, so no harm done!

Bob rte