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Quick query. I have a 01 Clio 172, it was fully serviced at 7.5k and now has 12,000 miles on it. How often should the car be serviced and or Oil changed.




Bought it 2nd hand with 7.5k on it. they gave it a full service before I took it. so Im okay till about 18/19k then ?



Mine was also serviced by Reanult at 7k. Bought mine 2nd hand at 12k (I think). Now its coming up to 16k and im gonna get it serviced next week coz the engine is starting to make a weird noise.

Sooner rather than later would be my advice.

Why are you posting as Nicole but signing your posts Phil? Is it one of these gender identity confusion issues I read about?!

WEll I think I should have gone with your Plan "ICE MAN", and called myself papa.... Phil, male, 27, married (to a girl, i think). Nicole just sprung to mind from the that I think of it and after your kind comments...i agree, its a silly name....ah well...

Thanks for the advice.