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  182 FF Inferno
Right, picked up my 182 last weekend. Really chuffed with it and what great fun it is compared to my last car (Golf). The cars done 38k and recently had its full 36k service (belts and eveything) and has 4 new tyres. So it won't be needing anything for a while.

Up until now, all servicing has been through renault. There is a Renault dealer about 10 miles from me which would be pretty handy but reading some of the stories on here about how poor dealers are, I'm a bit put off.

I suppose what I'm asking is: is it worth going with Renault to keep the book stamped or shall I go independant? I'm down in North Devon so wouldn't have a clue what independants are local to me.
personally im a fan of keeping my booked stamped at reno even tho they charge a fortune however theres some great places you can take it places like yozzasport etc. who will do an awsome job


ClioSport Club Member
  E46 330i tourer
imo dealers are just robbing gets. im not to fussed about dealer stamps i still get it stamped from the specialist that service my car and imo do a better job for cheaper. isnt carlton garage down that way
personally I'd go to a specialist. The money you save far outweighs any increased future value of a car with full Renault service history.
  Renaultsport Clio 182 ff
i have to stick up for Renault, as they are not all crap and expensive,
have good words for John Pease Renault, i go there just to keep the service book all the same 36,000 cost me around £176.00 inc vat, had belt kit done at a independent garage.... Think it is worth sticking to Renault if you can find a good dealer.... they also spotted an oil leak that was covered under warranty £1000 worth of FREE work later, very happy as did not have to pay!