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Setting upa forum

  Hondata'd EP3 Type R
Basically One of the car groups im with need a new forum and we are been let down by admin on there.

I was just thinking how much it would cost for me to set up a PHPbb (free forum) on hosted webspace with about 500 members in total.

Would like the users to have avatars and sigs, without being too slow?

Also would like at some point a small sub site with info regarding shows etc etc?

I would also need a domain name.

How much would the webspace cost?

Just getting the costs together, I dont mind paying for the whole thing myself i really like the comunity, but the forum is such a waste of space!

  172 cup'd extreme
try it on shared hosting first, ensure you get decent performance then if it doesnt work out go to dedicated hosting you can get your own server for around £40 a month with 500 members you'll have no problem raising that ammount
  Citroen DS3 DSport
It'll be easy enough and speeds will be fine. I pay £21 p/month for my hosting (UK servers) and run several forums on this space for various people. All run fast and without problems. I use SMF for my forum software, it's free and very good.