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Shade of Pearl Black

Is it just me or does the Pearl Black seem to vary in shade. I was looking through the picture section of Cliosport, some look jet black, and some look like a gunmetal colour. Mine is definitely the gunmetally colour.

Is it just the light?

light and the pearl laquer.................its not too crazy though.

there is a scenic colour called (i cant remember) which makes it impossible to tell coulour, from purple to green-red-bronze-gold!!!!!


  Shiny red R32

Mine is Pearl Black and sometimes the depth of colour varies according to how bright or dull the light is, probably to do with the pearlescent paint finish. In bright sunlight I can see turquoise and magenta tiny sparkly flakes in the paintwork.

Regarding photographs in the Gallery, again, the variation of shades of black depends on the light conditions and whether the car is facing into the light or sun, if it is a sunny day. I am a keen photographer, so if I am taking pictures of my car, I will move it, so that it is in the best position for the pictures.

People who rarely use a camera, probably dont even think about the position of the light on their car / subject, and dont get good depth of colour in their photographs, hence the differing shades of black in the Gallery cars!

Thanks both.......thats explained I just have to get it into a position so it looks dark......all I seem to get is the gunmetal dark grey!!