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Share in my embarrassment

Well I had fitted my new lexus lights and side repeaters last night, car really starting to look nice.

So following a pre xmas staff meeting we all head of to the car park. So picture the scene, were getting into our cars and one of the girls remarks "ohhhh that’s so cute, I want one".....the worst way to I’ve ever had my car described...cute....I tried to hold back the tears:( :( :( :(
  Cupra K1 & Clio 200

i know what ur talking bout mate. u spend ur hard earned cash on making it look "smart", "cool" or "aggressive" but when they say CUTE, it just annoys me sooooooo much. hmm...rant over back to electromagnetism revision :-(

  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

ClioJohn, why didnt you chat her up.

Ive always found that cute works very well in my favour. Guys with a cute puppy, or a cute baby or a cute car always attracts the nice women.

Ive even used "want to come watch Monsters Inc. on DVD at my place?" and she said yes.

Cute = good
  Clio v6

CUTE!!!!!!!! Ok call the car cute but I just hope she doesnt make a habbit of calling things cute, especially in the bedroom department.:oops:

PS. It may be just a Belfast thing but cute to me also means Sly, Cunning.

So I guess the Clio could be cute after all. Especially when they dont recognise the model differences.:devilish: