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Shell Optimax Top Trumps

  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

Decided to try this fuel as Id seen some people on here going on about it. Anywayz, when I paid, I got a pack of Top Trumps with my receipt.

This is what I got.

Caterham R500
Lexus SC430
Corolla Sport
MG thing
Maserati Coupe

And the daddy............TVR Cerbera Speed Twelve!!!

Just wondering what cars everyone else had got, and whether anyone could beat the 240+mph top speed of the Cerbera!!


Only need three more car cards b4 Ive won a £50k car at this years motor show. The ones youve listed Ive got.

I havent used anything but Optimax since I got my 172 almost 7500 miles ago and still I need 3 more cards. Trouble is, is that these 3 cards will be almost impossible to get hold of.

Anyone got the cards :-
- Maserati Spyder
- Noble M12
- Ferrari 575M Maranello


I have the Maserati, if people have the other two then we could put em together and split the 50 big ones...
  BMW 320d Sport

I think most people are waiting for the Maz Spider, the Ferrari and the Noble M12.

Dave, you got a spare Maz and Noble?

Ill swap them for 400 Corolla T-Sports.
  CTR EK9 turbo

Im extremely annoyed as i cant compete with this game at the moment as im driving the 1.2 courtesy boat and dont want to waste precious high-octane jungle juice in it.


  Shiny red R32

I filled up with Optimax for the first time in a garage in Edinburgh the other night and the guy gave me sixteen cards, all different. It was clear that he must have been opening the packs himself, probably looking for the two missing ones that some of you are waiting for, which are the Ferrari and the Noble.

chavy boy has the noble I have the Maza...all we need is the ferrari....!!!!

will fill up tonight...

also, you get cards every time you fill, so I keep putting 5 or 10 quid in, that way you have to fill up more often and get more cards


  Shiny red R32

Perhaps there arent any Ferraris or the only one wont be issued until the final day of the promotion. It ensures people keep buying the stuff. I couldnt tell any difference with it, apart from the discinfectant type smell which I had twice for a minute or so the other night, which I had never smelt before using Optimax! Probably nothing to do with it, just coincidence!

I have the Mazerati and the Noble, all I need is the Ferrari I think.

I have about 6x10^78 Skoda Superb Elegance things.

  Ford Fiesta

i was under the impression you got all the cards and u can be entered into a draw to win 1 £50000 car. there will be hundreds of ppl in the draw. I have 100s of cards and am missing 3. and i work at a shell site!
  Clio 1.8 16v

I am missing 3 to but i was speaking to my mate who has sum thin to do with it not sure how but he said that they will not put the last card out unitil they have made enough money to pay for the car!!figures realy


My Friend has been winding up his TVR buddies on forum. He mentioned he had the ferrari (wind up), any way friday he got a recored delivery (this is no joke I saw the letter) hand written note from the Motor Show promotions guy for this competition. He was asking if he indeed had the ferrari as it is important to the company that they do give out a prize. Reading between the lines of the letter this means no one has claimed yet and the ferraris are out on the forecourts and have been for a few weeks.

I just got the noble tonight still 2 to go for me and only a few days left. As always with compettions some old bloke who drives his clio or fiesta around at 29mph will win.....