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shell tanker drivers to strike starting friday

Supplies to Shell filling stations look set to be disrupted after tanker drivers across the UK announced they are to hold a three-day strike.

The strike is due to be held from 19 July to 22 July but Shell is hoping the action can be averted.

The walkout involves staff from 13 fuel depots at Buncefield in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire; Shell Haven at Thurrock, Essex; Avonmouth in Bristol; Plymouth; Hythe in Southampton; Haverfordwest; Killinghome and Kingsbury in the Midlands; Stanlow in Cheshire; Grangemouth; Aberdeen and Inverness.


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d


I am driving down south this weekend and it will be a good 500-600 mile weekend all in.

Thank God Im taking my Mums Pug 206 diesel then and I can get a lot of miles to the gallon. Was averaging 54mpg last time I went on a run in it.

Still, gonna need to fill up at least once though...

Is this deffo?!

Luckily, the drivers have agreed to a negotiated settlement late last night/early this morning, so dont panic guys, we will still have a supply of Optimax

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we ran out of diesel tonight as tanker due this morning and never turned up. Coming 2morrow now I believe. as long as they save me some optimax in them tanks Ill be happy!