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should this be a criminal offence

  honda accord 2.4 type s

toofast4u chuckled too himself, "those 172s dont stand a chance now" "align=absmiddle>

craggy, you didnt post his contact number - Im really interested!

Ive always wanted a polished turd

also: a 1.2 merit, but the engines a 1.6 16v? surely that would make it a 1.6 distinction?
  honda accord 2.4 type s

Can still remember mine (just!), a nice reg Citroen AX GT. Typically French = rattled and fast

there was a young lad that lived down the way from me with one of these sh*t piles. you could always tell when it was pocket money day cos it would turn up after a visit to halfords with yet another bolt or stick on goodie!! he even had that blue tyre polish!!! i think the funniest thing was when he fitted a boot spoiler to it but it was back to front!!

Oh and the stereo, was worth more than the car!!! LMAO!!

Yes this sort of car modding should be made a criminal offence! Tasteful modding allowed!!

  mk2 172

sea bed green, and ben, you know how these search engine thingys are, you gotta be a computer whizz to sort your way through all the options etc
  BMW 320d Sport

hehe nice project and its bloody tidy compared to most of the booted Novas I see around!

It would be ok if it was up for £300. I think the seller is gonna be gravely disappointed!
  mk2 172

im sorta toying with the idea as a 1/4 miler, a few reasons really cos there so cheap, whereas i tend to put the willys drivetrain through a pounding which isnt so cheap btw, my mate has just built one and *nothing* can touch it in a straight line.

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

That car is a steaming pilea ...... Thats Pilea sh1t. Suppose you could use the spoiler to do the ironing if your ironing board broke

Lets analyse this

(Thats enough for me)

SALOON, 92, K reg . 59000 miles
(Thats 159,000 miles forgot to mention it was clocked)

Full T&T, e/w, r/c/l
(T&T - Trailer and Towbar, e/w - Extremly W4nked, r/c/l - Really crappy logos "Stuck all over")

Clifford alarm
(Who would want to nick it ? Anyway got clifford stickers on window but no alarm)

Cavalier turbo 16"alloys+new tyres
(Due to curbing old standard wheels)

1.6 16V engine
(Blew his 1.2 while racing a 2 litre turbo "Nearly did him as well")

(Suspension fcuked)

(Straight section exhaust "Bit of old heating pipe")

very quick
(Of a cliff)

2 owners
(On this log book anyway)

£2,000. ono.
(In your dreams m8)


Looks like the bloke forgot the mandatory "REAL HEAD TURNER" bit in the ad (but turning the other way, to avoid nausia and eye cramp).
  BMW 320d Sport

I wouldnt go for the Nova as a 1/4 miling machine. The 5 GTT is the weapon of choice. Buy a shed for £500 strip it out so its only a drivers seat, spend 3 grand on the lump and transmission and you have a 13 second car.

Do you not have to put wheels on the shed first?

Id need to take the 12cc lump outta my shed - its only good for cutting grass!