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Side strips.

  Clio 172 Ph1.
Hi everyone.
Do you know if the sidestrips on the doors will fit from a mk2 ph2+3+4 to my ph1 172?
i would also like to know if the tailgate fits from a ph 4 to my ph 1?
  BMW 330ci Clubsport
Side strips on the Mk2's all fit eachother. Though they varry in width the clips are in the same places and same sizes (Though iirc the clips are different, for the better though! The Ph1's sidestrip clips break so easily!)

Tailgates are also the same size and fitting.
  Ph1 track 172
depends on the age of the ph1,

before a certain year they used clips, late ph1s, and ph2/3/4 used the style were you put them in and push them back,

take your strips off and make sure theyre not little white and red clips holding them on, if so, will need some modification to make the latter strips fit.