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Sill plates

  Chocolate Bar™

ive got momo - very nice, but probably not worth the money, however much nicer than the billabong ones that came with it IMO

demon tweeks had some momo ones in the clearance for about £16, that were brushed aluminium with the black logo - might be worth checking if they have any left.
  308, Fusion

some guy sells sill plates on ebay, like silver with the front 2 plates with neon lights sayin clio

This is a photo of Lockwoods Clio door sill protectors. They are tailor-made to fit and are produced from solid stainless steel. They are acid etched with the logo. They also do a Lockwood Performance logo as they are not allowed to use the trade marked name Clio.

The price of these is just £32.00 fo the Mk3 and £25.00 for teh Mk1 and Mk2. They are available at their new online store at http://www.superdials.com