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Skoda RS


Whats your views on the Skoda rs? A lad at work is looking at a getting a new car and kinda likes the Skoda Rs but is put of my the badge name...


Excellent Q car credentials, especially if chipped to 225bhp. Same turbo engine as the AudiTT180bhp.
  Clio 197

It is one hell of a car. With a chip and a little suspension work it is an animal. Then you just put a 1.6 or 1.4 badge on the boot and laugh!
  R5 Gordini Turbo

It is the best VAG 180 bhp turbo as it has good brake and steering feel. I have just sold a black one with 13k miles for £11995. Bargain

My dad has one as a company car. Very nice. If they were the same price, Id go for another VAG Group car as the interior is still a bit poverty-spec - but its about £8k less than the equivalent Audi!
  (ex-2.0 Hybrid)CorradoVR6

Very nice car old man should be getting one soon. Pluss Amd(think thats the place) is only just up the road for a chip.
  320d M Sport

i like em!! Nice to see people who appreciate their motors and dont opt for the easy way out - eg Skoda "theyre sh!te"

Tnx guys..

Hes a bit put off with the name..but it does look a cracking car..

Iam gonna let him test drive my 172 but I think thats to small for him ..

How much would it cost to get the RS to 220bhp and would be the 0-60??

Cheers guys

I think its a cracking looking car - there was a black one at the Motorshow that looked *evil*

225bhp only a chip away too :)