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sky + hd self set up

Thinking of upgrading to hd,ive got options for an engineer to come out and set up or do self set up ,is the latter an easy option,tips and hints appreciated.


ClioSport Club Member
  981 Cayman

I presume you already have sky+ to get offered self setup.

When we went to HD (pre self setup days) our sky signal was quite low, the engineer came and renewed the dish and LNB too. This boosted our signal to full on both strength and quality. So I'd check yours first, as it may be worth getting the engineer visit.
  Goliath I
If you've already got sky plus I believe its just a matter of swapping the boxes? I'm sure that's what I did anyway, but it was a while back
  Clio200 EDC Lux
Yes I upgraded to the 1tb hd box as long as you have two feeds and decent signal etc its just a case of swapping wires.