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Skyline R33 GTS

  350z & 16v Maxi

I drove my bosses Skyline today it is a 2.5 straight 6 single turbo one. It didnt seem that fast, i gave it a boot along a bit of road near me where we take cars to have some fun and i wasnt overly impressed. My valver feels faster. It most likely isnt faster but it does seam faster and i only got similar speeds out of the Skyline compared to my Clio along that bit of road.
  350z & 16v Maxi

I know the GTR was so much quicker but didnt think it was that slow. My Valver would give it a run then up to about 100 or something.

ahhh well my mate has one of them too... was a 2.0 single turbo with 260 bhp at the rear wheels.... that was pretty fecking quick
  350z & 16v Maxi

Its a 2.5 straight 6 SINGLE turbo and it is not that quick. I thought it was fast until i drove it today. However he just got a shipment from Japan today full of HKS stuff so should be a fair bit quicker by the end of the week.

ok... thats good then... but honestly skylines are fecking quick... well my experience of them r.... dont like hearing a bad word about em... got to be tuned though!

believe me they are... i have never been in anything as quick before... it actually scared me it aselerated so quick one min we doing 0 next we doing 100 glued to my seat all the way.... but mine were slightly tuned... a 325 bhp 2.6 twin turbo and a 2.0 single turbo....

simon172 always races one at guildford with the single turbo, many a time i have seen him glued too the skylines ass! think he has beaten it once in fact, ur rite the single turbo 2.5 aint THAT quick, not saying they aint quick

  Nissan R35 GT-R

If his GTS is not that quick then there is something wrong with it. I have been in loads of Skylines (GTRs, GTSs, 32s, 33s and 34s) and regardless of the state of tune they fly.

A standard GTS should be getting to 60 in under 6 seconds. He should have it checked out!

I really hate these cars.

The original RB20E engine only had 130bhp, and the 2.5 mentioned 190bhp and with the turbo, 250bhp. I would imagine they do 0-60 in about 6 secs.


Well the black one i was in the 2.0 single turbo done a qualter mile in 14 seconds... that was with a greasy road and he wheel span when he started.. The red one the 2.6 twin job was a lot faster than the black one... i mean a lot.

There has got to be something wrong with that R33 mate.... he best take it in to a tuning company and get themto sort it...
  CTR EK9 turbo

I got a video - albeit very dark unfortunately of my dualling with that two-tone skyline. Its a tiptronic one and is pretty even with mine off the mark - he always goes on orange and cheats at the lights tho! this one time (at band camp) he didnt go on orange and we both went on green and i got ahead. Its very even with mine on acceleration. Havent raced him onto any long roads yet to find out top end, im thinking ill get toasted.....

It has a big exhaust and dump valve. And the driver is a total nutter! you can see him going sideways everywhere on the vids. I just gotta get the time to get them hosted very lazy!
  CTR EK9 turbo

oh, its an R34 shape Single turbo according to the guy - we chatted a while back. Maybe because hes thrashing it so much its getting hot and loosing power? but thats hardly an excuse!
  R5 Gordini Turbo

I can beat a R34 Gtt (single turbo 2.5). I help at a couple of garages and they deal in Skylines. One of the ovners has a 630bhp R33 GTR and the other owner has an R34 with 480bhp. Anything less than a GTR is only fairly quick providing that is hasnt been tuned.

Anyone going on the trip to belgium and is going to the ring will see the R33 as he is going down at the same time with a couple of other skylines all capable of over 200mph and all with over 500bhp.

Those 200mph top speeds are largely b****cks, its all theoretical, their aerodynamics resemble the attributes of a brick and im not sure how the surfboard on the boot could stop it from being scary on the limit.

my mate and mechanic owns an R32 with 100bhp NOS ;) sweet as bedamned! fast as fook too - he had a little accident and is currently rebuilding the engine - putting a 3.0l bottom end in her and some sweet ass body work - youve prolly seen in it in mags etc - maroon with a gold flip was in Fast car a month or two back and is FAMOUS at crail ;)

Robfen the 200mph top speeds are not b****cks..... If a 325 bhp skyline can do 160-170 then a 500bhp+ one can easily do 200.... They are quick motors..

You may of seen in max power a few issues back where they did tests on this with an R32, R33, R34 where they all struggled.

Thats probably because they need to be highly tuned for the atmosphere of that day etc.... did you not see and read the story of the 1000 bhp supra with the Jap trying to reach 200mph on the A1M?

Not a lot of cars will do 200 coz arodynamics etc but I have seen skylines that do...
  R5 Gordini Turbo

Rob, it appears that you have read everything you know about Skylines, and although I do not know everything about them, I have driven quite a few and been a passenger in even more. To achieve maximum velocity they remove the rear spoiler as it causes too much drag, which you correctly pointed out. May I suggest that you see some in action or indeed go out in a few. I may be able to assist you in this before you say that all of this is BS

Anyhow on the subject of Skylines I have 2 for sale. 1x R34 Gtt tiptronic and a R33 GTR with 400 BHP

Steve, where do you live!
  Nissan R35 GT-R

RobFenn: Stating that Skylines cannot do over 200 mph only shows that you know nothing at all about them.

I can send you a video of one from a company I used to work for doing 209 mph along a 1.5 mile runway.

I can also send you a video of another which is an RH9 car (from Veilside in Japan) doing 0-300kmph (about 186mph) on 13.72 seconds. Videos do not lie mate.

Theres a fair bit of difference between a 1.2 and a 2.6 (or greater) running over 2 bar of boost you know.