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Small car show in Sheffield.

Arrggghh, I work Monday nights!

Cant ya change it please LOL!

Keep me posted on the next one and Ill be there.... (As long as its not a Monday again )

To be fair in Sheffield I bet there are 10 White Heart pubs!

Come and have to meet at the West End Pub on Glossop Road, I work there, so I can join in then LOL

Greenhill near norton?
Dont know of any pub called that there.
Only white swan I know in the south of sheffield is In ridgeway village?

Yeah there is a White Swan in Greenhill just off the big roundabout at Norton.
And as for the White Swan at Ridgeway well that is VERY close to moi!!!

The S is due to arrive approx 20th August was told by dealer this morning.
I am selling my Cooper hopefully this weekend as someone is coming to look at it with a deposit. So all being well peaks here we come hey Rhys!! Would be cool to get a few people together for a blast. Got a 1200 mile run in to do but should get that over and done with, with a couple of trips to Portsmouth as my sister lives there.

Nice one. The road which goes from Coal Aston towards Eckington is a good road to give it a bit of Peter pan!! That is where I had a quick blast with a 172 which my first ever thread was about and got shot down in flames by 90% of this forum. Just about recovered from the ear bashing now!.


Where did you get the info on the works upgrade on the s?
My mate has ordered one but the dealers seem to know nothing about it!


John Cooper Works. They are the official Mini tuner. Apparently BMW havent approved the works S yet with warrenty but should be able to get them by around January. I plan on getting it fitted mid next year but 3.5 grand is a lot of money. Will have to be very good to warrent spending that on it.