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Smaller pics of my car :)

I must confess to liking the Willaims series from the outside.. a lot !!!.

but the interier lets it down.........:( sorta looks like Barbies first plastic assembly kit but, without the pink... (Maybe the try to surprise Ken with a grey phase instead of page 96 for a change)

Designed to suit the tart, and ....... the macho dood :D

the outside is defo Macho DOOD !!.

but...................... I am surprised the handbag hook is missing !!.. I mean, Cmon ???... total tartdom....

but, again, moving on........overall....

the exterier though, its way ahead of its time !.. seriously kewl, then , and now.. sorta like blowing into a renault 5 GTT up (like a baloon at X mph with a funnel fed to the until it is positively grinning !.

It takes the piss outa a lot of modern chariots..

plain n simple ! - not the car .. the description. !

I only like the clock and dials lay out in the interior.. and the comfy seats.. other than that, its the reason i got the car! LOL + that it looks and drives great
  clio williams, Ph1 172

why does the interior look girly? It doesnt at all!

If anything the 172 looks more girly with its curves and stuff.

The dash is pretty nice in my opinion. especially with all the dials. looks a bit rallyish.

Williams and 16vs are mans cars no doubt, inside and out.

I wouldnt say either has a girly interior, its just the Williams interior looks really dated. In time well look back at the 172 interior and slate it!!

hehe Jill, trust you to spot the few bits of leaves on the mats ;)

A very good looking car though, Ive always wanted one, but then I went out and got a 172 instead :(;)

Matt, the seats are very supportive... you dont roll or move around anytime of the driving trip. and u can adjust them to be tighter or loser on the back etc, probably same as 16vs seats.

Jilly.. ill make more of an effort next time! ;)


I think ur car looks gr8!

I was wonderin where did u get them dials from & r they easy 2 fit?

I fancy sum blue 1s!

Luv Sara x


  Shiny red R32


Your Williams looks GORGEOUS, I think that if I didnt have my 172 I would like yours! :cool:

By the way Paul, is that your skateboarding ramp just in front of your car?

All Williams come with Blue dials standard sassy :)

Thanks Paul, and man... i love your car!! reminds me of a blue car i know! love it :))

BRUN, na, changed it for a MOMO steering wheel+boss kit

*Mods to start soon!!! will get some engine shots after, and some better pics in some more scenic areas :)

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

GR thats a ramp that new houses have to have apparently for wheel chairs....

The plan was to knock it out but I aint got around to it yet!



  Shiny red R32

Thanks Paul ;)

Ill have it on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays then! You can have it for the rest of the week!


you could drive 1 side of the car up on that ramp paul, if u ever get a lose mid section on the exhaust.. just driveup and tighten :)

Paul, just looking at the trims on the doors of ours...

Mine has a 2.0l badge on the door strip below the mirror, cant see it on yours?

think its on both sides..
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Its directly to the right of the repeaters....mines an original remember. Subtles changes for the 2 and 3....