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Smallest, Widest??

  Clio 1.8 16V
Whats the smallest, widest wheels that will fit a 95 clio Valver, with standard brakes....

On Standard Suspension
On Lowered... Lets say 70-100mm (with no other modding.)

I'm trying to go for the go-kart/euro look, So i would like the wheels to stick out by about 1 inch (yes i know this is illegal, But.. Ahh.. I dont care!)

  172 Mk2 Ph1
Its only illegal if the tread is exposed past the body of the car, ps you may not care, but when its raining and your kicking up excessive spray and the person behind slams into the back of you bacause they can't see your brake lights which are probably smoked, and your car ends up being written off not to mention the damage and injuries caused... then you would hopefully care.

I have a smart roadster which is low and the spray is bad enough as it is, p.s. id be pissed off with you and you wouldnt have valid insurance as your tyres would be illegal...

Rant over.
  Clio 1.8 16V
Yes OK, point taken.... So as long as the tread is underneath its ok?

So taking this in account, Whats the smallest widest wheels that will fit... And what tyres to use so that the tread is under the bodywork... (that better)
  Looking for a Mk1 Clio?
I have a mk1 clio... L reg 1994 i think it is...
Im going for 13 x 6.5 on mine dropped..
I am also going for the euro look... Hoping it will look the part once finished and completed.
Although it is hard to find 13inch alloy wheels now... im currently looking on Carnoisseur. So im considering 14's instead depending on the selectiong of alloys which comes up on 13's
  Chocolate Bar™
dont think u can get 14's over standard valver/williams brakes. I know winston reduced the size of his brakes to acommodate the 13s, and other mk1 you'd prob be ok with 13's/14s. As for width, 8 inch would be fine.

try, and for alloys in a euro stylee
  Clio 1.8 16V
Right... So... 14 Inch is the smallest over standard Brakes?
What about the width...?
I saw that video of the Old Skool Valver (with the sick, funky old skool german hip hop stylee music) That had 14 x 10 wheels!

That car looked fine... Anyone know the widest that will fit standard.. Also the tyre size for it to be legal..

  Chocolate Bar™
wouldnt go over 8 inch to be honest, may get 9 on the backs. Best speak to winston
Ive had 16x9 ET35 porsche wheels on the back of my valver....with no probs


He's my old valver runing 7x13's ET23 ....running 5 turbo carriers and's lowered about 70mm and is dangerous to drive lol



Id go for 14x8's fronts .....14x10's rear........well i would run 13's ;)
  Clio 1.8 16V
That looks sick!! I'm loving the orange wheels!! thats gotta be one of my favourite valvers...

So 14x8 and 14x10 will fit no prob with no arch mods??

What tyres would you use??

Cheers man

with the right offset and tyres ....and arche rolling and trim on the front... yup!!!!

Maybe 9's on the back to be safe;)

195/45/14's front 225/45/14's at a guess
  Clio 1.8 16V
I see....?

This may sound dumb?

But how does the offset work? The higher the offset the further away from the hub?
i got some
14x8 on my mk1 clio they stick out 2 inchs :) there so euro /go -kart there coning off soon tho


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Winston said:
If you ever sell them ....give me first dibs :)

Not that you will;)

hehe i still remember u :) i think there allready sold to my brothers friend as there his wheels