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SMART Failure, what to do now.


Been given a HP laptop with this old hat windows stuff on it. (to repair)

the drive is on its way out so im replacing it.

How do i mirror the disk to the new drive? any tips on software?

i have a usb enclosure to connect the drive to the machine but i dont have a copy of xp or backup discs.
  RB 182
Use something like Norton Ghost and take an image of the drive and restore that image to the new hard drive.
  Revels Mum & Sister
Whip it out and connect it and a new drive to a PC. Make a Ghost or Acronis Boot disk and do a HDD to HDD copy. May take a long time and appear to hang but should copy. Sometimes putting the fubarred HDD in the freezer (IN A BAG AND SEALED WELL) will give it enough life to ghost across