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lol. It took 20 mins to dig my car out today, and when i opened my door a load of it went in! I had a cold bum all the way to work..

bah humbug
  Clio v6

Memories are flooding back to me this morning.

Do you remember when you where small enough to use your Mums tea tray as a sledge?

My V6 handles almost as well.

Havent had any decent snow for ages here (essex), not that i want any now that its a 45 mile drive to work.

I was gutted the other year when i had my pulsar and we had the only desent snow day for years and i was too ill to get out of bed.:(

LOL you used a tea tray too??? sh*t me that was better than any f**king sledge. You had to do it on the icey bit of the hill though, even more fun if it started spinning
  2012 WRX Waggon

Washed my car day before the cold spell, got up in the morning, found Id frozen my pads to the rear disks, much revvin at 06:00 to get free.

lesson there methinks.

this just isnt right, we only had a few minutes of snow last night which melted within the hour, so all the roads were unbelievably clear

am i the first casualty of the day? got caught out on black ice doin about 15mph round a corner - all it took was the brakes to go on and the motor slid into the kerb...bang, one mangled front drivers side alloy!

...but that aint all, put the car up on the ramps at a garage and the damage is very serious...ive managed to damage the subframe, the wishbone and the suspension arm - the garage said i need a new subframe (!)...about £800 at least.

im starting to wish that bloke had nicked my motor when he tried to tea leave the keys through my letterbox!


  Shiny red R32

You lot are so lucky, we havent had a single flake of snow yet, just blue sky and sunshine for the past few days!! Bit chilly though!! I love to build a snowman and get out the sledges as we have a nice grassy hill at the top of our garden, but as we live close to the sea, we dont really get much snow, the salty air probably melts it, but a few miles further inland there is snow on the hills!

If the hills are still snowy at the weekend, I might get the sledges out as I cant fit on Dashs tea tray now! Big inner tubes are quite good to slide on too. We are all big kids at heart!
  BMW 320d Sport

Wicked snow this morning. Only one problem down here in SOuthend...Im driving the Beetle again cos the Fiats fanbelt snapped yesterday, and its rear wheel drive with no heating. About the worst thing you could drive in this weather.

Ive been taking every corner sideways on the way home, but it does wicked doughnuts in the pub carpark.

rear engine too remember, a front engine rear drive car would probably be a laugh, as long as you didnt have to go any decent distance.

the snow was bad eh... I can remember they used to have gritters when I was little but now the roads are just snow... cut backs????

God today is even worse! I was opposite lock going round a large roundabout towards work, at 5mph! I didnt even get past 10mph..its really scary stuff now..cant see lane markings, abs cuts in too quick and doesnt even work! I hate winter!!

Does anyone use rain tyres? And if so what are they like in this kind of weather? I thought my skinny tyres would help out..but they dont!


  Audi TT Stronic

I dont know why but my ABS is working great on the snow, skinny tyres help as there is less distrobution of wieght, but if that isnt working put a set of rollerblade wheels on em.. thatl cut through to the tarmac ;)