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So.. I bought my "realistic" dream car..

  Mk5 GTi & 95' T4
not sure how many people will like this.. but I absolutely adore it.. and thats all that matters!

Anyways typical waffle
.. some of you know I had a Racing blue 182.. I loved it to bits, and in bits, it hated me!.. since april ive been rolling about in a 307 1.6 petrol boat.. and its ruining my love of driving!.. I dont drink, I dont smoke, I just love to drive..

For a while now ive been looking at possible new cars, in a realistic budget.. I had pretty much decided to go for something boosted.. just an itch ive wanted to scratch, the sort of cars ive been looking at - Golf 1.8T, Mk1 TT 225, Meg225, Seat LCR, Ep3 TypeR (ok not boosted, but vtec y0).. and such is like! searching for a few days non stop..
when this came up, with a decent spec list, and a fair price to suit.. HAPPY DAYS!

2004 '54' Subaru WRX in Java black (bit like black gold in the right light)

106200 miles
mot til April 15

Full engine rebuild and all the upgrades below 07/03/13 with paper work for everything!

ACL race thrust main & big end bearings

Cosworth steel gaskets with new head bolts

Head skimed

New oil stem seals

New crank seals

New camshaft seals

New piston rings

New clutch Kit

New cam belt kit

Welbro 225 fuel pump

Sti Inlet manifold with TGV deletes

Blue Hawkeye STI Injectors

lHl VF35 Turbo

Front mount intercooler

3" Straight through exhaust (TOO LOUD.. way... Too loud!)

3 Port boost control

Launch control @ 5000rpm

Quick shift

Coilovers (not sure what brand yet, abit too low for me.. will fix this!)

Genuine CarbonFiber boot lid and spoiler.... Rare to find both - £1500 worth!

Silicone intake pipe

Boost Gauge

K&n cone air filter

Car has been maped by Duncan Graham at Race Dynamics - 320BHP / 299Ft/lb With a print out to prove it
(was tuned up to 342.1 with printout, but tweaked down to keep it safe)

And more!....

Bad bits:

Passanger window opens but doesnt close from the passanger side switches, but does from drivers side
Intercooler pipes knocking in places, previous owner used PARCEL tape, to fix CARDBOARD in place to stop it knocking.. pillock!
Little dent on bonnet by the scoop.. not a big one..
coilovers too low.. ill get these raised soon
No boot carpet.. Boohoo..
got an intermittent boost leak.. also has a bov block/cap.. sounds awesome but its not so good for the turbo.. and im pretty sure its that causing the boost leak? ill investigate!..
brake pedal goes down alot before it starts to brake, but once you are on the "bite" of the discs.. it stops well (may need bleeding or different fluid / hoses)

Ive only got a couple pics before ive washed it im afraid, ive spent so much time driving round for the smiles per mile! owned the car 24 hours and already filled the tank from empty 2 and a half times! (drove home 220 miles on £45 of Vpower.. yes thats 21.8mpg) but i was "playing" with boost and driving around some of the more interesting roads round this way!

and yes im parked on double yellows.. sue me ;) the other side of the road is garages that arent "in use" anymore abit deralict, so the lines are irrelavent now..


(yes shes low on the rear.. ill raise it up ASAP! dont shoot me, I didnt slam it)







Genuine Carbon.. Mmmmmm


And thats it for now!


Raise it..
clean it..
find / fix the boost leak \/ could be because the lack of bov?
fit a bov.. the chatter is addictive but not got for the turbo.. ill get a video soon for the lols..
smaller back box.. you can fit your head in the one and it annoys EVERYONE including me, good at setting car alarms off tho!
Carbon bonnet + Scoop (just to match the rear)
few more guage to replace the dash clock
STI Brembo's
STI front bumper spats/winglets
STI Fog covers
front bumper lip spoiler/splitter
rear bumper splitter
new wheels with sticky tyres
Mesh over the intercooler to protect it
Mesh in the boonet scoop
New set of wheels (not sure what style yet)
Hella supertones
debadge front grill
obligatory [Hoonigan] sticker somewhere

C and C welcome.. I know its not everyones taste but Im seriously in love with it and thats all I really care about
it goes like a stabbed rat, makes exotic noises like its eating squirrels, annoys old people and makes children cry! what more could you ask for

the important bit, it makes me want to drive for the sake of driving again! YES!!
Cheers for looking!


ClioSport Trader
  Clio16v/Zoe Z.E.50
Very nice, how much was it if you don't mind me asking? I've never owned one before but I quite like the P1 and RB5


Formerly Mashed up egg in a cup
ClioSport Club Member
Happy for you getting a car of your realistic dreams mate, always a nice thing. I do however hate seeing intercoolers like that. I'm not sure what it is. Needs gold wheels of some kind also. :) Cool car though!
  Monaco 172
I wouldn't worry too much about the BOV blank and the life of the turbo, that chatter you hear is the air rushing back towards the turbo and its called turbo stall and from what I've read in the past it wont shorten the life of the turbo massively although its not ideal i agree. Nearly everyone (including me) that i know that has owned an S-Body Nissan blocked off the recirc valve to give it "the pigeon mod" for years with no issue. It sounds good, makes it overfuel so gives pops bangs and flames, Its a rally car....leave it!! haha.

The Crumb Master

Aka The Human Rolling Pin
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  Whichever has fuel
That's lovely. Really really nice. I think if want silver wheels though, to make it look less bad boy.

Bertie Smalls

ClioSport Club Member
  Cupra Leon & Impreza
Nice! Some brighter wheels would totally change it, IMO.

Have you thought about some STI seats? I have these in mine

  Mk5 GTi & 95' T4
Not gonna multiquote :|

Cheers for the comments! The car is amazing! it is a proper rally car, just needs raising a little, the coilovers feel great over bumps nice and firm but not bone shakingly solid.. perfect for me

ill look in to getting the airfilter sorted asap, and the parcel tape is coming off after work today haha

i do like the sti seats, and there is a set local to me for sale at the moment, but i prefer the black interior in the black car! maybe something ill change long term

launch control is brutal, no wheel spin, no clutch slip, just pulls to the red line!

im not gonna say its the fastest car in the world, nor is it the best, but its the best i can afford on a realistic budget, hense the title! yes.. an Evo would be better but There arent any i could realistically buy.. The ScoobWillDo (see what i did there?) haha

I will be getting a new set of wheels.. I would like something dished, but i feel it needs something abit more "motorsport" looking to compliment the power.. hmmmmm

Ill update with better pics when i have a moment to give it a clean, and ill dig out my go pro to get some videos.. the noises it makes are hillarious!

on a plus note, i found an exhaust bung in the boot! so now i can drive around town with out setting car alarms off!
  Mk5 GTi & 95' T4
I stayed in the place behind the pictures and parked my Clio in that same spot your car is now a few months back lol,

Nice looking motor :smile:

What were you doing round here? my misses lives in one of the little houses behind the flats :)


ClioSport Club Member
Nice spec. Don't get dished wheels. They look s**t on Impreza's imo. My mate had a 400bhp impreza and then ruined it with deep dish wheels.
Oh and factor in a new clutch if you keep using Launch
  Mk5 GTi & 95' T4
Just getting away for a few days, stopped there for two nights with the ex missus, she booked it & thought it was on a seafront lol

Ah fair enough, it's not 'far' from the sea... Lol...

Nice spec. Don't get dished wheels. They look s**t on Impreza's imo. My mate had a 400bhp impreza and then ruined it with deep dish wheels.
Oh and factor in a new clutch if you keep using Launch

Not sure about wheels yet, see what comes up!

I don't plan on using launch control, just tried it to see what it's like.. I just like playing with boost noises :D

Bertie Smalls

ClioSport Club Member
  Cupra Leon & Impreza
I know how you feel about the noise btw, I have a Blitz Nur Spec R full system with both cats removed, lol. My feet vibrate when I stand next to the car when it's idle!
  Mk5 GTi & 95' T4
Ill get some vids up soon.. and some good pictures after its had a good wash and polish!

i tried the exhaust bung thingy today.. it lasted all of 6 mins before it popped out (i wasnt any where near boost).. i went back to try and find it, and it had vanished off the face of the earth! so ill order a new one and bolt this one in place!!

I think a set of wheels i would like are Axe EX8's 18" in white or maybe a nice dark silver.. who knows..

Cheers lads :smile:


ClioSport Club Member
  Astra VXR
I had one of these, well an STI version, and sold it after a year as it was just too damn expensive to run! Awesome cars though. In all honestly (mine was tuned a bit, but) it didn't feel a whole lot slower than a Gallardo I drove. Find they feel so much bigger than a little old Clio, and tbh I prefer my hot hatches. Plans sound good mind! Enjoy :smile:
  Mk5 GTi & 95' T4
Cheers guys.. Just gave the car a hose down, nothing special, just trying to get the dust off.. went to take some pictures.. and it was dusty again -Argh-

anyways.. Disaster has struck... Ive lost a mudflap!! OH NO!! lol ive taken the other one off now.. couldnt before the pics as i didnt have my tools and they are bolted held on with nuts..

anyways! sorry for picture quality, used my iPotato.. ill dig my camera and my gopro out soon and get some decent pictures..






excuse the water marks.. pah :|






And thats it for now..

2 days in to ownership and im seriously loving it! The smiles per mile are amazing.. the mpg's are pitiful.. but thats half the fun!

ive had everyone trying to race or over take, ive had people so close behind i cant see the top of their bonnet any more, and i had a corsa b wheel spin passed me coming out of tesco car park, just as a police car was turning out of a side road.. that will learn ya ;)

it gets attention, good and bad but it makes me happy and thats what its all about! working for the next 12 days without a break is gonna suck but ill throw some updates when i can!

  Mk5 GTi & 95' T4
Trying to find the best place to source sti winglets and sti fog covers (at a decent price)
  Mk5 GTi & 95' T4
Got to work and my boss handed me my missing mudflap.. He found it on his driveway this morning, must have fallen off last night when I dropped him home

Not sure if ill put them back on now or not lol
  Mk5 GTi & 95' T4
This one is costing me a fortune in petrol but I'm probably enjoying it more than I should.. 800 miles in and I'm still learning what it does :)

Sooooo much more fun than a clio (for me personally) the noises alone are worth it!!
  E46 M3 & Ph1 172
Nice motor. It's a shame it's not an STI though, although it looks to be well sorted.

Iv fancied one for years but never got round to owning one. Was very close to buying one last year until I decided on my current M3.

All the best for the future with the car.