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Some up coming events


ClioSport Admin
No idea mate, trying to get a house in Cheshire ATM, so I have no idea when I'd be up properly lol :(

We'd have to catch up at CSS... unless there was another NE/NW rstuning meet? :p
Finally found it on fb.

The Big One 2012 will see; NEMM, Secta Northeast, NEM, Whitby Cruise, Brid Cruise, Extreme BHP and Scarborough Cruise work together bringing a seismic event to the Northeast!

The Big One will also be celebrating an impressive 10 years of NEMM, and will be attended by Fast Car magazine!

All proceeds will be donated to the Great North Air Ambulance, and we are proud to announce Teesside Transport as an official sponsor - already donating £100 to the cause!

It sounds like it will be a good meet!
  Titanium 182
Rolling road this weekend boys at Evotune
Air show this weekend in Sunderland also
29th TOTB (you must go!)
29th The big on - Dalton park
Not very often you get something big like this up this way.

If its s**te we can just all laugh at the naff car's :)

Haha this. I did that at a Teesside park meet before, a red Corsa was driving round with a blowing exhaust and a huge 37 on the side in black. He seen me smirking and went laugh all you want mate at least my parents didn't buy my car. What a joker.

I'll head over to the Dalton Park meet, exhaust fitted and dent pulled out. I won't be ashamed to drive my car anymore haha!
  1.2 16v
Deffs gunna be at Dalton Park for The Big One! Either in the clio, or might try persuade my sisters bf to take me down in his e34 :p
Just seen this on Facebook....

Ok, so after lengthy talks between the clubs, the decision has been made to relocate to Teesside Park for The Big One!

We have all been amazed at the response to this event, and with only being granted usage of around 2 thirds of dalton park car park, after expecting only around 300 cars, even if half of the guest list turns up - we would be running out of room!

After all, we have all come together to celebrate 10 years of NEMM so in hindsight it's good that the event will now be taking place on their home turf!

29th July @ 6.30pm onwards!

Teesside Park - postcode to follow!

Let's get spreading the word!

Well worth the drive..
  1.2 16v
Yeah fcuk going to the big one now! Convoy from teams to Dalton wouldve been decent, but not worth travelling to Teeside.
  R26/200 Raider
Only live 10 minutes from Teesside Park but not going now. Too many loons down there spoiling it for everyone!
Yeah it really is bad, they obviously haven't thought about it properly, surely there would of been some where better, abit further away so it wasn't round the corner for the idiots, that would of put off quite a few.

When i used to go it was alright till it started to fill up with vans, pick ups, pajero, shoguns, expensive German cars all filled with skin heads and the tightest whitest vests you can buy.

Then everyone gets stared out and started on