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someone just crashed into me need advice

  Clio 1.2 16v
hey all i was approaching a roundabout when i had just stopped at the mights and a minute later car hit the back of mine. I got out and from what i could see there does not appear to be any damage but am abit concerned if they may be any internal damage as it was quite a hard bump.

Anyway i need to know what to do and if anyone knows about the following;

I have a clio dynamique 03 i have changed the alloys but dint declare the new ones so putting the old ones back on.

Also my car has tints it came with them just back ones i have seen a few like this is it standard.

As well as this i have a stereo and 6x9's in the car will any of this affect my insurance i also have the sport grillie.

Am changing the alloys i know i shud of declared them

My insurance is with churchill

Sorry if some of this is unclear am still shaken up

p.s this woman was also on the phone i got the reg but no other details as i was shocked i know its rather stupid
  In between cars....
Standard tints or aftermarket? long as its just the back dont think they will be a problem

Id change the alloys back to the steelies, wouldnt worry about the sterio either

You were rear ended, its an open shut case, your not at fault so wouldnt worry, just get it reported and take it from there
  1 Series Coupe
You need to check the boot floor for crumples. Lift the carpet and have a look. Get it reported asap to your insurance company.


ClioSport Club Member
  986'S 172ph1+182FF
their insurance will be repairing your car so doesnt matter about undeclared mods i fink?
  Clio 1.2 16v
alloys are off as of tomoz tried to look at the boot floor but its dark atm. Where do i stand with this and will they wnt to view the car tomoz.

I got the reg and now the make and model of the car is that enough?
  VW Caddy Van
Rear tints they won't bother with as it could be standard fit tints. If ur fronts r tinted remove the film.

Stereo they won't bother about as u don't have to declare every little mod u do. Certain ones u can and will get away with
  Clio 1.2 16v
yeh just rear ones av seen loads like my reg 03 and 53 with them think renault did it just sorted the other alloys out so there good to goo.

people may not believe this but my head got through forward and now my necks hurting shud i have gone doctors or summit?
  Clio 1.2 16v
yeh i stopped and got her reg that was it really. When i stopped she said lets move off round the corner but i said no its fine am just taking your details.

she took my red and i took hers then we parted. She was crying and still on the phone saying i will ring u back i mean wtf.

now am pissed off i have to put the old alloys back on now arghhhh shudda insured the others was thinking about getting some new ones anyway
Silly bint! might not look like much but it can be badly damaged...does the boot shut properly and can you easly remove the spare wheel.
  182 Trophy (#27/500)
i think you will be fine. I would be supride if they even said anything about the wheels. tough luck mate. chin up!
  Clio 1.2 16v
i know am going to take them off anyway not bothering removing the grill.

insurance lines are shut so have to ring back tomoz does it matter that i dint get her name or address and just got her reg?
  Clio 1.2 16v
yeh its all good now made a claim for it cars getting looked at on weds hopefully my courtesy car is a 182 lol doubt it thoo
  Clio 182 + Recaros
I'd play on the fact that she was on the phone when she hit you. Particularly if an assessor picks up on any of your mods.

Definately get your car looked over by a mechanic ASAP.
  Clio 200
Rear tints they won't bother with as it could be standard fit tints. If ur fronts r tinted remove the film.

Stereo they won't bother about as u don't have to declare every little mod u do. Certain ones u can and will get away with

going with half the engineers i deal with in here they couldnt care what was done to the car -

i mean they paid out 10k to write off a corsa b ffs
you didnt do a very good job with this one did you??

im pretty sure you can get the details from insurers...

but after a crash, you should have got her name, address (if poss) contact number, insurer and reg...

i would have ran and got contact details of witnesses if any...

because lets face it...ten minutes down the road her story WILL and probably HAS changed and she will be saying its your fault completely...

(prob wont matter much here tho being a rear ender)...but its still grief etc...

unlucky, looks like your insurance will be going up..due to some idiots mistake..