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Someone pass the paper bag!

Bugger, well my car is in at the body shop getting slapped back to A1, and should be getting it back wednesday or thursday, BUT whilst its in there, Ive got a hire car........ but they forget the complimentary paper bag..... its really sh*t Y reg Rover 25 ........... wait for it........... 1.4L....

Started the bloody thing and it sounded like a diesel, turn into bends and theres some orrible sound from the transmission.... it really leans into corners...... 50-70 in about 3 weeks - Oh the shame :sick::(:oops:
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Mines in for a service and a few other bits for a couple of days. Needless to say I was presented with..... a Clio 1.2 Expression. I have to say, no word of a lie, its a PERFECTLY GOOD CAR! Perky engine, nice dash, leccy windows. Its quiet, comfortable and probably does about a million to the gallon.

And later Ill see how fast it goes.. :devilish:

whats the fastest car youll ever drive? a courtesy car of course. rip the thing to shreads, remember mr handbrake, dont give it a rest till the tyres are bald. perhaps a hardcore burn out for the lads?